Once again this year, the Mechanical Engineering Photo Competition is also awarding a People's Choice prize! Just go through the slideshow to see the finalists chosen by our judges' votes, then vote for your favourite in the survey below. Voting closes on 8 January 2024 at midnight.

107- Framed Alps

The town of Mannlichen and surrounding Swiss alps framed through a window

108- Golden hour

The peak of Matterhorn taken during sunrise with a mirror view projected on a quiet lake with the moon alongside


And you thought swimming with sharks was scary...what about a robotic plesiosaur!

113- Worlds colliding

An observed crystallisation of an Oil Red O stained bilayer

129- On top of the world!

Members of the Biomechanics group on top of Haleakala volcano following a successful ISTA 2022 conference.

133- Congratulations, you are being rescued

A surgeon would normally operate from the view of the robot's eyes, however I decided to present this particular shot from the perspective of the area that is about to be operated by the da Vinci Surgical System.

30- Shield against heat waves

The ceramic tiles of the Space Shuttle protected the ship from the extreme heat of re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere.

36- Constructive reflection

There was lots of construction work going on in Malmo when I was there and this worksite in particular was the most active. The project isn't the most elaborate or on the cutting edge of engineering, however, it is these daily engineering practices that is the backbone of every country.

43- Guardians of the coast

The sea wall and lighthouse are both engineering solutions to provide a physical and visual protection for people on land and travelers on sea.

46- Ride home

A man returns from work one of Kyoto's buses, part of Japan's world renown public system, which is depicted on his right.

49- Fruits of labour

This photograph captures a rare moment of serenity at the end of a frantic week of work. The Imperial students in the foreground are looking on as the car that they designed and built passes in front of them, completing laps for the first time on track at the Shell Eco-marathon in Nogaro, France.

52- The white snake

Japan's newest 16-Car long N700S Shinkansen with a max speed of 360km/h and technologies like high-efficiency Silicon Carbide VVVF Inveters, low noise pantograph and is the world's first and only high speed train with a Battery Self Propulsion System for emergencies.

61- Glacier gondola

Top pylon and mechanism of a gondola ski lift on a glacial slope in Val Thorens.

62- Harmony

A forest of stone in a forest of wood, one engineered and planned by man, the other grown and shaped by the passage of time, stand tall and proud, united as one.

67- Amsterdam

A city of beautiful engineering - renewable engineering seen in the wind turbines and solar panels all over the city; civil engineering in the intricate and perfect city design of the canals; mechanical engineering in the boats that must travel in the shallow waters but also the large bays.

72- Stairway to sky

Geometric patterns of steel and glass converge to create an otherworldly stairway to the sky where cityscape fades away.

76- Dusk after DMT project

The photo was taken in a June afternoon at the Canary Wharf tube station.

77- Morning London

The photo was taken on a normal February morning, at Canary Wharf, London. I was on my way to travel to the South Kensington Campus.

82- Kyoto Roundhouse

Preserved steam locomotives wait their turn in the roundhouse loco shed at the Kyoto railway museum, Japan

84- Oh my, take a look at this news!

Speedboats, with the help of mechanical power, have become the greatest artists on the canvas of the sea surface.