The introduction to ME3 Lecture

This will take place on 6 June 2024.

Mech-Eng Survey

Please read the information on this page carefully and submit your choices via the ME Survey

Core modules

In year 3, your Core Modules are:

  • Professional Engineering Skills 3 (worth 10 ECTS)
  • Design, Make and Test project (worth 20 ECTS)
  • One I-Explore module (worth at least 5 ECTS)

I-Explore module selection

I-Explore module selection

Your I-Explore module is compulsory and integrated into your degree. You can find out more about what I-Explore modules are available for selection by visiting I-Explore Modules.

I-Explore Q&A session: Tuesday 14 May (12.00-13.30) in Huxley 213 - Clore Lecture Theatre

You are expected to have six I-Explore modules in mind when you apply. You can submit or change your six preferences any time during the module selection period. All preferences submitted during the module selection period will be treated equally.

Please also remember to consider module restrictions that can be found on the I-Explore modules page.

Full information can be found here: I-Explore for Year 3 Students

The registration window for I-Explore modules is 1 May to 29 May 2024.

Core themes

You will also select a core theme, worth 10 ECTS total, which includes two modules.

It's important to choose a core theme that has two modules you are interested in.

You cannot choose a module as an elective that is already included in the core theme you choose. However, if there are modules in the other core themes that you are interested in, these can be chosen as one of your electives.

core themes modules

Mechatronics Theme

  • Mechatronics 3A
  • Machine Dynamics & Vibrations A

Thermofluids Theme

  • Fluid mechanics 3A
  • Thermodynamics 3A

Solid Mechanics Theme

  • Stress analysis 3A
  • Fracture Mechanics A

Elective modules

Then you will also select three elective modules, worth 5 ECTS each. These are compulsory modules.

You have the option to apply to take up to two BPES modules to count towards your electives. This is not compulsory. Further information about BPES module selection can can be found below.

Choosing your electives

BPES modules

You also have the option to choose up to two BPES modules as electives.

To help you understand how BPES modules differ from I-Explore modules we have created this summary sheet: BPES vs I-Explore. It also summarises the key things to note about both module types.

BPES module places are offered on a first come first serve basis, so it is important to apply as soon as you are sure you would like to take a BPES module.

Further information about how to apply for a BPES module and course content can be found on the BPES modules webpage: BPES Information

Choosing your electives

Mech-Eng Electives

The full list of electives available:

Automotive Design with Motorsport**
Computational Continuum Mechanics A
Embedded C for Microcontrollers A
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering A
Manufacturing Technology and Management A
Finite Element Analysis and Applications A
Introduction to Nuclear Energy A
Mathematics 3A
Statistics A
Structure, Properties and Applications of Polymers A
Mechatronics 3A
Machine Dynamics & Vibrations A
Fluid Mechanics 3A
Thermodynamics 3A
Stress Analysis 3A
Fracture Mechanics A
Tribology A

BPES modules
Nuclear Chemical Engineering (Chem Eng dept module for H3H8 and H3G2 only)

**For ADM you are required to fill out an additional form to support your application for the module. If this is not submitted, you will not be considered for the module. The link to the form can be found here: ADM Survey

The full list of modules plus predicted ME4 modules for 2025/26 can be found here: ME3 Module Selection ME Electives

Students on the Nuclear Engineering stream

If you are on the MEng in Mechanical with Nuclear Engineering stream (H3H8 or H3G2) the following elective modules are compulsory:

  • Introduction to Nuclear Energy
  • Nuclear Chemical Engineering*

This means you will only choose one additional elective module.

*this module is ONLY available on the Nuclear Engineering stream.

If you wish to move onto this stream please select these modules and make a note on the ME Survey. Alternatively, email