Dr Robert Morgan has recently been promoted to the role of reader at Brighton University and is leading a number of research projects. 

How was your time at Imperial?

"Imperial gave me a very firm grounding in the fundamentals of engineering science. Through the total technology course, I was able to apply what I learnt during industrial placements with my sponsor   . The social network was great fun, and I made many life-long friends particularly in the scuba diving club. I enjoyed my time in London and managed to get about quite a bit, seeing exhibitions etc."

Describe your career

"My career has been in systems engineering. I can say this all started with my studies at Imperial.

Since graduating, I worked at Ricardo UK Ltd for eleven years, ending up as senior manager in technology. Here I built a 3MW advanced split cycle engine for power generation. This is currently being trialled for a truck engine. Then I worked at Ceres Power for three years as CHP business manager followed by three years at Highview Pilot Energy storage plant as chief technical officer.

The highlight of my career was building the world’s first liquid air energy storage plant at Highview.    Currently connected to the grid, many more are being built with an aim to commercialise the demand. It’s a low cost solution to improving the efficiency of fossil fuels and reducing the carbon footprint as a clean, renewable power source. 

Currently, I’m a reader at Brighton University at the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics.  I am leading a research project developing ultra-efficient combustion engines and fuels with a view to enabling vehicles to travel further with less fuel and near-zero emissions.  I am also leading projects in waste heat recovery and the use of liquid air as an energy vector."


How would you advice current students?

"I advise current students to stay in engineering – it’s worth it."