"The most important aspect one can learn is the 'engineering mindset' "

Primarily, I decided to study Mechanical Engineering, because, in my opinion, it is one of the most diverse of the engineering disciplines. Specifically, the Mechanical Georgios PapasotiriouEngineering course at Imperial is tailored in a way that exposes students to a wide range of modules, allowing them to develop a greater understanding of their preferred field of specialisation. Additionally, the course contains the perfect balance between theoretical teaching and a hands-on approach to learning. As a result, the majority of the concepts that are learnt throughout the degree can be applied in practise, which for me is of pivotal importance when dealing with such an applicable degree. 

The course has really pushed me out of my academic comfort zone. It has challenged the ways in which I take notes, study for exams and work as part of a group. I believe that the demanding nature of the course has really helped me develop a strategic approach when absorbing knowledge, and tackling problems that are unfamiliar to me. Despite the challenges, my experience so far has been positive, the course constantly stimulates my intellectual curiosity, and provides me with the resources to feed it. Especially in the third and fourth years, where one is capable of choosing modules, and ultimately the sub-discipline they prefer to specialise in, the course experience is truly unique for all students. 

I believe that the most important aspect one can learn from engineering is the 'engineering mindset'. The course has allowed me to develop a 'think outside the box' mentality, whereby I feel confident approaching problems regardless of the level of familiarity. Especially through the projects allocated each year, it is very interesting to see how theory learnt in different parts of the course come into play and can be applied in unexpected ways. 

My advice to prospective students would be: Never doubt yourselves! Engineering is a difficult degree and there will be times where you will feel overwhelmed, whether it is from the workload, lab reports, group projects or simply theory you do not seem to understand. It's natural, and everyone is on the same boat. But, regardless of the situation, never doubt your skills. I got through it, people before me got through it, and so will you. Make sure to enjoy your time and appreciate the essence of what you are learning. These will be some of your best years. 

At the moment, I am thinking of going into the Bio-wearable tech industry after I finish my studies. I am extremely fascinated by wearable devices, the technology behind them and their positive externalities to their users. Luckily, at the moment, the industry is experiencing a technological revolution, and as a result, startups are appearing front, left, right and centre. Ideally, I would love to work for one of them.