"...take the initiative to find what inspires you, and what you enjoy."

I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do after school, but I liked Maths and Physics and was intrigued by the creativity involved in engineering. Mechanical Engineering Mina Obaat Imperial seemed like a degree that gave a thorough foundation for engineering. I figured I could decide what field I'd like specialise in afterwards. 

I would describe the experience on the course as challenging but rewarding.  In school, I could focus on my harder modules - Maths and Physics - because the rest of my modules required less out-of-class time. When all my modules became technical on the course, it was overwhelming at first, but there was a clear sense of development as an engineer. There are stressful times, but the department is always there to support your well-being and your peers are in the same boat as you, so you get through it together. 

The most important thing I learned on the course is time management for well-being. I think it's easy to let academic pressure take over, but it's important to enjoy all aspects of university and to take advantage of being a student in London. 

To any prospective students I'd say that not knowing exactly what you want to do in the long term is okay, but it’s important to go out and take the initiative to find what inspires you, and what you enjoy. Trying new things can only broaden your experiences and if you're lucky, you might find something that you're truly passionate about. At the very least, it will give you better insight when making big decisions like what you want to study at University. 

After completing my studies, I’m planning on pursuing a career related to medical robotics. My interest in medical technology grew through my third year project, and after doing a summer internship in a surgical robotics company, I’ve decided to do my final year project around surgical robots as well.