Etienne Burdet (Bioengineering)
Paul Bentley (Brain Sciences)
Caroline Alexander (Charing Cross Hospital)

This project aims to design and investigate compact portable devices for mobile rehabilitation of neurological movement disorders (such as stroke). In addition, computer games for rehabilitation are developed to provide a motivating experience of therapy. The goal of the project is to develop a system capable of delivering and optimising therapy in an unsupervised environment. Investigation into the effects of optimisation and clinical use of such technology is undertaken within the Human Robotics Group, which has pioneered hand rehabilitation devices, and the the Centre for Restorative Neurosciences at Imperial College NHS Trust, which has expertise in cognitive mechanisms (e.g. attention, motivation) underlying neurorehabilitation. This research will enable us to develop low-cost, bedside strategies for rehabilitation of hand function, that could be used widely amongst the 150,000 new stroke cases in the UK per annum.


Rajinder Lotay Rajinder Lotay