The NHLI Mentoring Scheme is open to all staff (academic, research, professional and technical) and PhD students within the Institute. You might find mentoring a useful resource if you have specific issues you wish to discuss with someone. Examples of topics that could be covered in mentoring include – but are not limited to – career progression (e.g. progression from a postdoc to an independent researcher, or changing your career direction), balancing work and personal life, and going on or returning from parental leave.

NHLI is also keen to train up new mentors. We run regular mentor workshops together with the Departments of Medicine and Surgery & Cancer, and these workshops are aimed at anyone interested in becoming a mentor or improving their mentoring skills. Details for upcoming workshops can be found on the Faculty mentoring pages.

 Shadowing Opportunities

The department operates an informal shadowing scheme for PTO staff. If you would like to develop your skills and knowledge by shadowing a colleague at the NHLI:

  • Write a short proposal on what you would like to learn and how this would be beneficial to you and your role
  • Discuss with your line manager how the shadowing will be implemented (when it will take place, for how long, how your workload will be managed)
  • Once you line manager approves the shadowing. Contact the PTO Committee Chair, Gareth Hyde, with your proposal
  • The PTO Committee will discuss the proposal and give feedback to the member of staff. Where a member of staff to shadow has not been indicated in the proposal the PTO Committee will suggest possible options.