Microbiome Home is an interactive installation inspired by the fact that our lungs are home to an entire microbial ecosystem living in the nooks are crannies of our airways.

Microbiome Home

The project was developed though a collaboration between a textile designer and scientists from the National Heart and Lung Institute researching the lung microbiome.

Printing Microbes

The audience populated the Microbiome Home by each designing and printing a unique microbial species.

Microbe Engagement

Participants chatted to scientists about the interactions between different species and the ways that microbes can cooperate or compete with each other.

Bacteria Art

Microbiome Home was presented at the Imperial Festival 2015

Collaborators: Mike Cox (NHLI Research Associate), Rachael Pilston (Textile Designer) Elena Turek (NHLI Research Postgraduate), Stef Piatek (NHLI Research Postgraduate), Hima Anbunathan (Bioinformatician), Ernie Wong, Adam Januszewski (NHLI Clinical Research Fellow), Phil James (NHLI Research Associate), Simon Brill (NHLI Clinical Research Fellow) and Verdiana Martello (NHLI Research Postgraduate).

Creative Producer: Ellen Dowell