College registration

You must register before arriving on campus. This will mean uploading a photograph and (if you are an overseas student) a copy of your passport photo page and visa.

My Imperial

Make sure you print off the enrollment confirmation page and bring it with you, as this will be necessary for various induction procedures. College identity (ID or swipe) cards can be collected from the PG Office, Room 315, Blackett Laboratory or handed out in the halls of accommodation on arrival if you are staying in halls.

If you haven’t uploaded your photo, you will need to go to the ID card office, Level 1, Shefield Building, where they will take your photo and either send it to the Department for you to collect or give it to you directly. More information can be found on the College new students website.

If you have already done an undergraduate or masters course at Imperial, please note that you will need to give your old card in to the ID Card office to be able to obtain the new one.

Departmental registration

The timetable during Welcome Week is slightly different for each student and varies from programme to programme. You should have received the information about activities specific to your programme from your Programme Director or Administrator. There is more information about the College's welcome activities on the website for new students.

There are Welcome events for Master Students taking place. We had a Welcome to new Masters students 2023 event which you can see if you were unable to attend.  The Panopto presentation is available here.  There was also the Library Induction which is available at Library Physics Induction.

Induction checklist - things you should know

Welcome to our induction checklist masters students.

Here are some things you should know... if you don't know, just ask!

A good starting point for information is your group secretary/administrator.


  • Director of Postgraduate Taught Studies
  • Programme Director and Programme Administrator
  • Personal Tutor or mentor
  • Local Safety Officer
  • Departmental Dissability Officer
  • Department and Programme Student Representatives
  • Postgraduate Office Support Staff

Domestic (on campus)

  • Location of toilets
  • Details of local security measures, including provision of your security card
  • Details of lockers available in the department
  • Opening and closing hours of building and access
  • Smoking is not permitted on campus
  • How to dispose of or recycle items

Working environment

  • How to get a Computer account and email address
  • Correct postal address for mail to reach you in your course
  • Local arrangements for picking up and sending internal and external post

Health and safety

  • Location of emergency exits
  • Details of the emergency procedures, evacuation routes and assembly points
  • Location of the first-aid box and the identity of your local first-aiders
  • Location and operation of the fire alarm system
  • Location of fire extinguishers
  • Procedures to be observed in case of a fire
  • Details of any significant safety hazards or health risks in your working environment
  • Disposal of waste
  • Follow the College’s guidance on Covid-19

View the Faculty health and safety webpages.


  • Location of and how to join the Library, Sport's centre and Healthcare services, etc.
  • Details of local events and cultural programmes, e.g. regular concerts, humanities programme etc.
  • Location of Student's Union

View the departmental facilities.