WP1 Electromachinery
 Alejandro Fernandez Gomez
Politechnika Krakowska
July 1 2011-June 30 2014
 Modelling of electromechanical system with effects of electrical/mechanical interactions for diagnostic purposes. Poster 2012Poster 2013
 Jose Gregorio Ferreira
Politechnika Krakowska
Dec 14 2011-Dec 13 2014
 Diagnosis of electrical/mechanical interactions in machinery with electrical drives. Poster 2012Poster 2013
Victor-Hugo Jaramillo
Velasquez ABB, Poland
Sept 16 2011-Sept 25 2014
Identification and use of global indicators that could point to problems with multiple subsystems. Poster 2012
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WP2 Turbomachinery
 Matteo Cicciotti
Nov 1 2011-Oct 31 2014

On-line performance monitoring of industrial compressors. Poster 2012 ,Poster 2013

 Ricardo Gozalbo Belles
Imperial, Mech Eng
Apr 1st 2011-Aug 31 2012

Development of modeling methodology for process turbomachinery.

 Esperanza Barrera-Medrano
Imperial, Mech Eng
Feb 18 2013-Jan31 2015

Aerodynamic impact of fouling in centrifugal compressors. Poster 2013

 Dionysios Xenos
Imperial, Chem Eng
Sept 26 2011-Sept 25 2014
 Development of platform for using compressor models for online process monitoring/diagnosis and optimzation. Poster 2012Poster 2013
 Sara Budinis
Imperial, Chem Eng
Sept 26 2011-Sept 25 2014
 Control systems for centrifugal compressors with an emphasis on CO2 compression. Poster 2012Poster 2013
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WP3 Maintenance and diagnosis
 Cristobal Ruiz Carcel
Aug 1 2011-July 31 2014
 Multivariate statistical process monitoring using operational data to predict fault evolution and failures. Poster 2012Poster 2013
 David Dorantes Romero
ABB, Norway
Jan 1 2012 - Dec 31 2014
 Representation of interconnections between process, mechanical and electrical equipment. Poster 2012Poster 2013
Matteo Biondi
ABB, Germany
June 1 2012-Jan 31 2015
Reactive performance-based maintenance planning for process plants. Poster 2012 , Poster 2013
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WP4 Energy optimization
 Bart Van Parys
ETH Zurich
Sept 15 2011-Mar 3 2013

Dynamic control and analysis of uncertain systems. Poster 2012

 Giampolo Torrisi
ETH Zurich
Mar 4 2013-31 Jan 2015

Energy management for mechanical and electrical/power electronics systems.Poster 2013

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WP5 Electricity optimization
 Hubert Hadera
ABB, Germany
Oct 17 2011-Oct 16 2014

Electricity demand management in process plants. Poster 2012 , Poster 2013

 Dragoljub Gajic
Acciai Speciali Terni
Jan 10 2013-Jan 31 2015
 Energy savings by integrated production Poster 2013
Robin Cartoux
ABB, Germany
Oct 1 2013-Jan 31 2015
Energy-efficient scheduling of an integrated steel production process. Poster 2013
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