Welcome to the Career Moves toolkit!

note pad iconThis toolkit is designed to be used with the Career Moves Booklet, so make sure you’ve read it BEFORE starting this workbook. 

We know there is no “one size fits all” in careers, as every person’s career is unique to them. In this online toolkit, you’ll find a range of guidance, activities and templates to support you. These range from having a productive careers conversation to QuickStart activities to do in around 15 minutes and more detailed work, such as the Deeper Dives, that you can do over time.

You can “pick and mix” the activities that suit you, your situation, your priorities and your available time. Remember that navigating your career is up to you, so make the most of the support and guidance available.


career move toolkit

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Career conversations: Guidance and Templates

 This guidance is a great place to kick off using the toolkit – as it gives an overview of how you can have great conversations, perhaps with a manager, a mentor or a colleague, it covers:

  • Points on the Diary
  • Getting Yourself Ready
  • Preparing for my meeting
  • Action Planning After my Meeting
  • Six Steps to a Productive Conversation
  • GROW - a structure to help Shape Your Conversation

Career Moves Toolkit Careers conversation Guidance & templates

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Quick start

Three thought starters and activities that take around 15 minutes each to complete. These activities are things that you could pick up and do on your commute to work, during a break or even in that moment between finishing one task and starting another.
They are designed to get you thinking about your career and where you might want to focus your attention next. Each activity is followed by some reflection questions.
Everything you need to complete them is included in the downable PDFs. Once you’ve completed any of the quick start activities, you may want to share these with your manager, mentor or colleagues in a careers conversation.

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Deeper dives

This section covers deeper career thinking and has activities that take a little longer and require a little more effort!
They are designed to help you reflect on your career, your skills and strengths as well as your network, in order to help you consider what you might want to do next.
Everything you need to complete them is included in the downable PDFs, all you need is you, your pen of choice and some space where you can concentrate (preferably away from your desk/work environment). You may want to gather other opinions and perspectives from your manager, mentor or colleagues to help you with the Deeper Dive activities.