Here you'll find all information relating to exam timetabling, publication, rooming, policy and the College's Exam Timetabling User Group (ETUG).


College Main Examination Periods (2023-24)

Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
 11 December - 15 December 2023  08 January - 19 January 2024  29 May 2023 - 28 June 2024
Exam Timetabling Policy defines these periods as the last week of Autumn term, the first 2 weeks of Spring term and the whole of the Summer term.
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Exam Timetabling items

Celcat - Adding Exam Events

Full information on adding exam events in Celcat (including 'set-up/take-down', reserving exam space events etc) can be found in the Recording exam events in Celcat‌ guidance document.

Department Exam Contacts

Aeronautics Jackie O'Neill j.oneill@imperial.ac.uk
Bioengineering Nicole Harbert n.harbert@imperial.ac.uk
Business School Joanne Chaffin j.chaffin@imperial.ac.uk 
Centre for Academic English Conchi Vera-Valderrama c.vera-valderrama@imperial.ac.uk
Chemical Engineering Dilshad Badshah d.badshah@imperial.ac.uk
Chemistry Raj Sandhu r.sandhu@imperial.ac.uk
Civil and Environmental Engineering (UG) Justine Spence j.spence@imperial.ac.uk
Civil and Environmental Engineering (PG) Yamini Chikhlia y.chikhlia@imperial.ac.uk 
Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication Melanie Mullin melanie.mullin@imperial.ac.uk
Computing Damian Cerase d.cerase@imperial.ac.uk
Dyson School of Design Engineering Momo Rahim m.rahim@imperial.ac.uk
Earth Sciences (UG) Riki Clarke riki.clarke@imperial.ac.uk 
Earth Sciences (PG) Samantha Symmonds sam.symmonds@imperial.ac.uk
Electrical and Electronic Engineering  Kate Farrar k.farrar@imperial.ac.uk
NQEFL Energy Futures Lab Gavin Eves g.eves@imperial.ac.uk
Life Sciences James Andrewes j.andrewes@imperial.ac.uk
Materials Raj Adcock raj.adcock@imperial.ac.uk
Mathematics Helen Haines h.haines@imperial.ac.uk
Mechanical Engineering Josie Howard j.howard@imperial.ac.uk
Physics Victor Urubusi v.urubusi@imperial.ac.uk
School of Medicine Robert Macdonald r.macdonald@imperial.ac.uk
School of Public Health Jo Tite j.tite@imperial.ac.uk
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Exam Rooming Process

The College exam rooming process involves CTSO requesting (in-person) exam requirements ahead of an exam period, collating all College exam activity and allocating large exam space (Great Hall/QTR) as per the Exam Timetabling policy.

Following large space allocation, CTSO ensure all remaining exams are then roomed in suitable exam space across campus.

A timeline for the rooming process (ahead of each College exam period) is mapped out in the Teaching and Exam Timetabling Build Plan 23/24.

Please contact p.laskey@imperial.ac.uk (Peter Laskey, Head of Exam Timetabling) if you have any queries regarding the above process.

Exam Timetabling policy

The Examination Timetabling policy articulates and clarifies College policy about the planning, preparation, production, publication and ongoing management of changes to the Examinations Timetable at College.

Exam Timetabling User Group (ETUG)

ETUG is a group of key stakeholders involved in exam timetabling across College. Members reflect each of the academic departments as well as central services representatives.

The group has successfully co-ordinated both large central College space and local department space, ensuring all students sit on-campus exams in suitable exams space during main College exam periods, in line with the Exam Timetabling policy.

More recently, the group has shared best practice in running Timed Remote Assessments (TRAs), highlighting improvements to the online exam experience for both students and staff.

Further information (including ETUG minutes and presentations) can be found via the ETUG webpage.

Examinations and Assessment - Policies

Full College guidance on preparing, conducting and marking examinations/assessments can be found under Academic Policy, managed by the Quality Assurance team.


We're happy to help with any queries, particurlarly around the areas below -

  • General Exam Timetabling
  • CELCAT Exam Scheduling
  • Exam Timetabling policy 
  • ETUG Membership
  • Exam Room Layouts
  • Exam Room Guidance

Please feel free to contact us at Central Timetabling Support Office (CTSO) or the Head of Exam Timetabling directly.