There are a number of ways to view your timetable, or the timetable of a resource, such as a room or a module. The following outlines the different ways available, their benefits and how you can activate and make use of them. If you have any questions about the products or how to set them up, please email the Central Timetabling Support Office (CTSO)

Timetable Updates

"While every attempt will be made to minimize alterations to timetables, in some circumstances changes may be unavoidable. It is the individual responsibility to check the timetable regularly and refresh this for any updates, ensuring you have the correct information to attend your classes. If you print a copy you must check back for alterations as activities are likely to be updated, particularly during the first few weeks of term."

View my timetable

Timetabler Calendar

Timetabler Calendar is a web-based application designed for use by staff and students to view their own timetables and timetables for other resource types such as room, module, and group timetable. It provides read-only access to timetable data that is held in the Celcat database in an easy-to-use format, accessible to individuals with an Imperial Username. 

  • It is web-based
  • All the events categories are published on Timetabler Calendar except for the "Resource Non-availability" category
  • It allows easy access to anyone
  • To those with a Staff or Student Record in Celcat, it displays timetables for any resource, such as an individual student, student group, teaching staff member or room
  • To those without a Staff or Student Record in Celcat (or not logged in), it displays timetables for Rooms Only
  • Opened in line with Global Publication Windows. Learn more about Timetabling Publication Windows.

AutoCalEx Direct (Push Feed)

AutoCalEx synchronises staff and student timetables to their Imperial Outlook Calendar. This is pushed directly into the staff or student timetable; it is not an overlay.

  • Available to staff or students with an Imperial email address (with an email address in their profile field on the Celcat record).
  • Changes to timetables are automatically updated by the AutoCalEx Direct Push feed every few minutes.
  • It is personal to the staff or student, showing any events which are linked to the individual by their student or staff name or their association to a group or team.
  • Timetabled events show as busy in the calendar, helping colleagues to schedule meetings.
  • AutoCalEx supports local and remote (cloud) Exchange servers.
  • Can show the timetable for the whole academic year, or be subject to windows as per department choice. Learn more about Timetabling Publication Windows.
  • The events associated with a"Resource Non-availability" category will not be pushed in AutoCalEx.

Please Note:

  • Whilst the feed is enabled, events pushed into your Outlook calendar will be updated. However, if you wish to have the feed disabled the events will not automatically be deleted (only cease to be updated). Therefore, you will need to delete all events manually (or request this to be done by ICT). Students are not permitted to have their AutoCaEx feed disabled and requests to do so will be refused.