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Confidential information, support and counselling service

College support and Confidential Care

College Support

College Support

Mental Health First Aid: The aim is not to diagnose or treat people, but to encourage and support them to access professional help, as well as signpost them to the right source of support.

Learning Development Centre: For advice on training and development to assist you in your role.

Resilience and Stress ManagementCourses and resources which give a deeper insight and useful advice to help manage your own stress.

Occupational health: If you feel your situation is having an impact on your physical or mental health, contact us to arrange a consultation with an Occupational Health Advisor.

Human Resources and Organisational ChangeFor advice on family friendly policies.

Harrassment SupportFor staff affected by bullying or harassment in the workplace.

Equality and DiversityFor equality (race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability and age related) issues.

Trade UnionIf you are a member you may wish to discuss your concerns with your local representative. 

Chaplaincy: Support, advice, and information relating to issues of faith and spirituality. Space to reflect on values and meanings at work, and one-to-one help with meditation.

Staff Supporters: For help accessing the support and guidance you need.


Confidential Care

All College staff and members of their family living with them can get free professional and confidential help from Confidential Care, the College's Employee Assistance Provider, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please call 0800 085 4764 or email.

Confidential Care's help line and website (username: Imperial, password: College) can provide information and advice on a wide range of work and life issues including debt & financial management, legal and tax advice, consumer and citizen rights, finding child and elder care, and everyday matters.

You can also speak or arrange to meet with a qualified counsellor to talk through personal problems in complete confidence. Couples counselling is available for staff with relationship problems.

Managerial Advice Line

Confidential Care also provide a dedicated telephone advice line for managers and supervisors who need advice or would like to talk through how to approach a difficult situation in the role as a manager. Please call 0800 085 3805 Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm or email.

All contact with Confidential Care is confidential. You need only say that you are from Imperial College. Calls to 0800 numbers from College extensions are not included in telephone charges reports. Confidential Care does not feed back identifiable information to College.