The ReMAS Programme

ReMAS (Records Management and Archive Storage) is the College’s Records Management programme which:

  • Provides storage for semi-current and non-current records at one of its stores.
  • Provides guidance and training on records management including storing digital records. 
  • Identifies material that should be kept for archival purposes.

In this section you will find information about the ReMAS database that we provide to staff in the College to enable effective management of their records.

ReMAS Database

The database was created using Microsoft Access. It has web capability and a number of different functions, including:

  • Maintaining a secure catalogue of the records held.
  • Showing the location of each file.
  • Allowing tracking of the use of files, for loans and returns.
  • Printing reports on the use of files.
  • Indicating the destruction date of records, when they become inactive, and when they should be transferred to the Corporate Records Unit.
  • Logging the destruction of records.
  • Printing labels for boxes, enabling consistent information about storage.
  • Addressing the issue of excess paper and file management and numbers of duplicate copies of records.

ReMas database guidelines

Training on ReMAS database

We provide tailored training and guidance on utilising the database. For more information, please contact the team on

ReMAS Storage

For information regarding storage, see section How to transfer Records section of this page.