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How does SafeZone work?

SafeZone allows all students and staff to directly contact and alert the Security team in the event of an emergency. When you do, the following will happen:

  • Once an alert has been opened, the Security Control Room will be immediately notified and your personal profile shared with them.
  • If you are on an Imperial geofenced site your location will also be shared with the Security team at this point. 
  • With an alert open, you will be able to directly call the Security team from the app or open a direct message conversation. If it is safe and you are able to do so, this allows the team to better understand the details of what your emergency may be. The app also allows you to contact the emergency services - if you are on an Imperial "geofenced" site, however, the guidance remains that you should contact the Security team in the first instance instead of directly contacting the emergency services.
  • Using your location information and any personal details that you have included in your profile, the Security team will then dispatch appropriate assistance. 

Location sharing

Through SafeZone, all College properties have been "geofenced", meaning that when you are using the app within these areas you have access to its full functionality. These geofenced areas include all College campuses, halls of residence and hospital sites. Additional geofenced areas (such as locations of overseas trips) can be added as needed by the Security team.

When you submit an alert, you will begin sharing your location with the Security team using your phone's GPS. If you are within a geofenced area, you will then be able to open a direct message conversation or call the team. If you are outside a geofenced area, you will only be able to contact the emergency services directly.

In order for location sharing to function, you will need to allow the SafeZone app the correct permissions within your phone settings. Your location is only shared when you submit an alert or when you voluntarily check-in. Once an alert has been closed, your location will stop being shared with the Security team.

What data does SafeZone use and keep?

  • When you download SafeZone, you will be asked to allow certain permissions within your phone. These vary depending on your operating system and permissions preferences.
  • When you submit an alert or check-in, your location and personal profile will be shared with the Security team. SafeZone is privacy protected and conforms to the College’s data protection policies, and only shares your location when you submit an alert or use the check-in function. 
  • Details on any alerts, including any location data and conversations associated with it, are stored for 31 days by the Imperial Security team and are then discarded.

SafeZone is a third-party app that has been developed by CriticalArc. When you register for the app, you will be required to accept the CriticalArc Privacy Policy.