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In order to provide an effective and consistent response to a variety of potential situations, we use a number of approved policies and guidelines that are made publically available.

Security Policy

Our overarching framework is our Security Policy, which outlines our objectives, governance structures and means of implementation.

Access Control

We operate an access control scheme to ensure only those allowed in certain areas (such as hazardous or sensitive areas) are able to gain access.

CCTV Code of Practice

In order to support our responsibility of protecting and securing our campuses, we do utilise closed-circuit television (CCTV) across all campuses and certain residences. We use digital recording to ensure the quality of image is clear. CCTV is used both proactively and reactively - to both deter and anticipate potential crimes and also to follow-up on reported crimes.

All CCTV use is in line with the College's CCTV Code of Practice (pdf).

Complaints Procedure

If you're ever dissatisfied with a service you've received from the Security team, we have a clear procedure for raising complaints. The steps you need to take are outlined in our Security Complaints Procedure policy.

General College Major Incident Advice

In addition to the advice we provide on what to do in an emergency, the College also provides general advice (.doc) should a major incident or evacuation occur. 

Guidance for firearms and weapons attacks

In the event of a firearm or weapon attack on campus, we utilise the reccommended guidelines of the National Police Chiefs' Council, specifically the 'Run, Hide, Tell' guidance. Do not challenge or confront any attackers nor put yourself in any danger whatsoever. Report any incidents immediately to the Security Control Office at 4444 (if calling from a mobile: 020 7598 1000). 

Missing Student Policy

Should any student be reported missing or be suspected of being missing, the College has a clear process to ensure an effective and proportionate response, as outlined in the Missing Student Policy

Threat Response Guidance

For advice on what to do should you become aware of a threat to the security of the College and its community, please read the College's Threat Response Guidance (pdf).