Aerodynamics Event

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Aerodynamics Research Showcase will no longer take place on Friday 26 June 2020.

We hope to reschedule the Event when the situation stabilises. 

In the meantime, please do take a look at the research, facilities and expertise we offer, which we hope to show you in more detail at a future date.

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Event Schedule



Registration – Tea/Coffee

1.30 pm

Welcome to Aerodynamics at Imperial College London


Tours of Facilities and Key Research Themes including:

1) Low-speed Aerodynamics (led by Dr Kevin Gouder)

  • Tour of 10x5 Wind Tunnel
  • Capability demonstrations + interactive displays and visualisations of current and upcoming projects in wind engineering: the CRM-HL, transpiration cooling, turbulent friction drag reduction and turbulent wakes.

2) High-speed Aerodynamics (led by Dr Paul Bruce)

  • Tour of Imperial’s Supersonic and Hypersonic Wind Tunnels 
  • Overview of the unique challenges of high-speed testing and state-of-the-art flow measurement capabilities at Imperial and their application to experimental studies of High-Speed Flight and Spacecraft Re-Entry. 

3) Data Science, Control and Optimisation (led by Dr Georgios Rigas)

  • Real-time demonstrations of data analysis and current projects including:  Machine Learning for Turbulence Modelling, Data Analytics, Physics-based-Data-driven Control and Shape Optimisation 

4) High-fidelity CFD (led by Dr Peter Vincent)

  • Applications of CFD ranging from Wind Energy and Wind Engineering to Turbomachinery, Automotive Aerodynamics, Biomedical Flows and Wing Design
  • How High-performance Supercomputers help us to better understand turbulence
  • Capabilities of our Open-Source Software
  • Current projects


Drinks Reception and Networking 


Register Here - Registration Deadline: 30 April