Academic staff fellowships

The Department of Bioengineering welcomes prestigious fellowships, which enable high‐quality academic staff to benefit from and contribute to the Department’s research environment.

This section refers to fellowships intended for established academic staff, from lecturer through to professorial level.

Please explore the following links to information on staff fellowships that are commonly supported by the Department. Please check carefully your eligibility for any given scheme before approaching a potential sponsor.


As these fellowships are intended to support established academics who will be considered as part of the Department’s academic staff for the duration, there is a need to ensure that the applicant would be a good fit for the Department. Once you have ascertained that you are eligible to apply for a specific fellowship, the process for receiving departmental approval is as follows:

  1. Please contact the Department by emailing the Director of Research ( email account, to inform us of your proposal. Following this, a member of staff from the Department will contact you to discuss your plans and the best way to proceed with your application.

  2. Please submit a CV and supporting statement (1‐2 pages A4) two months (unless an alternative internal Departmental deadline is outlined above) before the funder’s deadline. Applications should be submitted via email (cc. your sponsor) to Mr. Allan Nyunt (

  3. The application will be considered by the Department Management Committee. The factors that will be taken into consideration include the below, with the intention of assessing that the individual would be well placed to achieve their full potential:
    a. The individual’s academic excellence and academic fit to the Department;
    b. The individual's personal qualities (i.e. 'good citizen’ factor) align with the Department;
    c. The availability of a suitable academic mentor;

    Some funding calls may require additional selection processes, for example to meet with members of academic staff in the Department. If this is required you will be contacted by the Department in due course.

    Please note that if there is insufficient time to follow the procedure the Head of Department may decide that Departmental support cannot be given.

    Some fellowships have a restriction on the number of applicants that can be supported by Imperial College London. In those cases, the Department will have to convene a selection panel to select and nominate a top few candidates to put forward to a College-wide committee, who will in turn select the applicants to be put forward by the College.