Diagnosing heart disease

Cardiovascular disease is the major cause of death globally. In 2008 17.3 million people died from CVDs by 2030 it is estimated that this will increase to 23.3 million. Wave intensity analysis (WIA) is a method for characterising pressure and flow waves in arteries. It is used to assess whether patients need interventions to reduce narrowing of their coronary arteries. Conventional diagnoses required the use of a drug that was costly, time-consuming to administer and had unpleasant side-effects.

WIA method:

  1. Clinically used to diagnose narrowing (stenosis) of coronary arteries.
  2. Replaces the need for drugs in the diagnosis of coronary heart disease.
  3. Is in routine clinical use in 20 centres, across 3 continents.
  4. Increases throughput by halving the time taken for the procedure.
  5. Reduces side effects for patients
  6. Can be used for patient groups that cannot tolerate drug-based method and previously depended upon unreliable imaging-based methods.
  7. Has been used in 650 cased (by July 2013)