The amount of funding you will need to cover a PhD is dependent on your fee status (UK, EU or overseas). Please see the College Student Financial Support pages for information on fees, living costs and College-administered scholarships.

Students in the Department are funded from a variety of sources, including UK Research Councils, industry, College scholarships and Departmental funding. Current funding opportunities available to Bioengineering applicants are advertised on our PhD studentships page. Please also ask your prospective supervisor about funding opportunities that they may have or be aware of in your pre-application discussions with them.

For scholarships administered by either the College or Department, applicants are automatically considered for schemes for which they satisfy the eligibility requirements, unless stated otherwise by the applicant and unless it is the President’s PhD Scholarship, for which special procedures apply.

Department-administered schemes involve an internal shortlisting panel. In order to be considered in these, candidates' proposed supervisors must nominate them by sending the completed interview record form to the PGR administrator by the internal deadline, which is communicated to them. In addition, your application must be complete (including references) by this time.

To find other schemes associated with the College, please see the scholarship search tool. We also strongly encourage candidates to broaden their search to schemes that are not associated with the College (e.g. their home government, industry, etc.) and therefore may not be listed in the scholarship search tool. Please visit the Non-Imperial Studentships webpages for more information.

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Costs associated with doctoral research in London

Living expenses at university will vary considerably according to your personal circumstances and lifestyle choices. 

Below is a rough guide as to what to expect to spend in London. Estimates cover accommodation, food and travel but exclude tuition fees.

Whilst basic prices for food, personal costs, bills, insurance, etc will be fairly consistent across the UK, costs relating to accommodation and travel are specific to London and Imperial College. 

Guide to living cost in London


Money saving

Rough guide to university spending 

What costs are involved

Money saving tips

Potential additional cost 

Keeping track on expenditure

Council tax exemption

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