Our MRes will prepare you for a research career in Bioengineering. The programme aims to:

  • Produce postgraduates equipped to pursue careers at the interface between the physical, biological and medical sciences in academia, industry, the public sector and non-governmental organisations
  • Develop the ability to undertake research in multidisciplinary teams at this interface
  • Develop research and analytical skills related to bioengineering
  • Develop oral and written scientific presentation skills
  • Provide an experience which is intellectually stimulating, enjoyable, and meets students’ needs
  • Provide a solid foundation for those intending to go on to study for a PhD

Imperial College London works closely with employers and industry, including Industrial Advisory Panels to design Master’s courses which provide graduates with technical knowledge, expertise and transferable skills and to encourage students to take internships and placements. All Master’s courses are designed with employer needs in mind. Most Master’s courses offer an opportunity to carry out research projects in industry.