MRes projects available

MRes Bioengineering students work on their research project throughout the year.  You must discuss possible projects with your potential supervisor before making your MRes application to ensure that there is a suitable project available for you.  Some of the projects available are listed below:

Supervisor(s)Project title
 Dr A Bharath  3D data synthesis to train Artificial Neural Networks
 Dr A Bharath The Latent Space of Skin Lesions
 Dr A Bharath Visual Turing Test On Machine Generated "Handwriting"
 Professor A Bull  Growth plate mechanobiology. (current as of 12.2.2020)
 Professor E Burdet  How useful is a sixth finger? Analysis of finger force control data  from polydactyl subjects.
 Professor E Burdet  Modelling interaction in a collaborative virtual training game.
 Professor E Burdet  Multi-joint (knee and hip) impedance modelling during walking .
 Dr Adam Celiz "Tough" Hydrogels for cartilage replacement
 Dr Adam Celiz Synthesis and in-vitro evaluation of biomaterial scaffolds for dental pulp stem cells
 Dr James Choi  Principles of a Remote Control for Noninvasive Surgery - Understanding how sound can control acoustic particles
 Dr James Choi
 Seeing Sound - A Biomedical Technology to Visualise and Characterise Sound
 Dr C Clopath  Computational modelling of activity regulation in the brain.
 Dr C Clopath  Modelling the effects of cell death compendation during  neurodegenration.
 Dr C Clopath  Studying ageing in the brain using computational modelling.
 Dr A del Rio Hernandez  Characterization of collagen secretion by HSCs seeded on different matrix rigidities
 Dr A del Rio Hernandez  Development of a microfluidic platform for early detection of pancreatic cancer
 Dr A del Rio Hernandez  Modelling the dynamic complex of EMT in pancreatic cancer
 Dr A del Rio Hernandez  The combined role of matrix stiffness and inflammation in promoting PDAC malignancy
 Prof M Drakakis  Design/Testing of high-performance wireless wearable patches for physiological monitoring
 Prof M Drakakis  Low power, wireless wrist-based galvanometer
 Dr A Faisal  Deep learning representations of sensorimotor control from ethomics data.
 Dr A Faisal  Neurotechnology for sleep disorders.
 Dr F Guder Air Pollutant Degradation Mask 
 Dr F Guder Wearable Systems for Animals
Dr Andrei Kozlov Need for speed: Developing new experimental  methods to test the speed and sensitivity of  mechano-­electrical transduction in the inner ear

 Dr Huai-Ti Lin

Castrode: rapid prototyping microelectrodes via micro-casting and laser cutting

Dr Rodrigo Ledesma Amaro

Synthetic biology for engineering the transfer of biological information in cell free systems

 Dr CF Lee

High-throughtput surface tension measurement using optical method
 Dr CF Lee

The physics of stem cell dynamics and localisation in the bone marrow environment

 Dr D O'Hare Molecularly-imprinted polymers for sensing inflammation.
 Dr D O'Hare Nanostructured interfaces for biocompatible biosensors.
Dr C Rowlands Developing algorithms to sculpt light in 3D
Dr C Rowlands A framework for high-throughput imaging using multiple cameras
 Dr S Schultz Watching the cortical circuit in action.
 Dr J Sherwood A new method to measure the secretion of aqueous humour 
Dr J Sherwood Mimicking the mechanical forces on endothelial cells using microfluidics
 Professor M Stevens Investigating Collagen Fibre Formation in High Density Collagen Gels for Tendon Tissue Engineering.
 Dr R Tanaka AI-Based design of personalised treatment strategies for eczema and allergic march - (Added 11.2.2020)
 Dr R Tanaka Systems Biology approach for mechanistic understanding of paediatric asthma exacerbations - (Added 11.2.2020)
 Dr M Tang ECG gated ultrafast ultrasound for cardiovascular imaging
 Dr M Tang Multiplane wave compounding for ultrasound contrast agent imaging
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