MRes Neurotechnology students work on their research project throughout the year.  You can apply for one of the projects listed below, or contact your preferred supervisor to discuss a different project.

Applications will be considered in three rounds.  We encourage you to apply early to ensure your preferred project is available.  If you are applying in a later round, some of the projects listed may have already been allocated so please consider including a second or third choice project in your application.

Please visit our How do I apply? page for full details of the application process and deadlines.

If none of these projects are suitable for you, you may contact your preferred supervisor to discuss an alternative project.

Projects available for 2022-23

Examples of past projects FOR INFORMATION ONLY

Some of the MRes projects from previous years are shown here to give an idea of the topics covered by our students.  These projects are not available for this year. However, if you are interested in working on a similar project, please contact the relevant supervisor to discuss similar opportunities.

Previous projects