MRes Neurotechnology research projects available for the 2022-23 academic year are listed below, grouped by supervisor.  Click a project title for a description of the project.

You can also see projects listed by research area on the main projects page.

If none of the projects listed is suitable for you, you may also contact your chosen supervisor directly to discuss alternative projects with them.

SupervisorSupervisor's Home DepartmentProject Title
Anil Bharath Bioengineering Neural Architectures for Predicting the Behaviour of Dynamical Systems
Shlomi Haar & Aldo Faisal Brain Sciences & Bioengineering Real-World Motor Learning in Embodied Virtual Reality
Adrien Rapeaux Electrical & Electronic Engineering Please contact to discuss projects
Christopher Rowlands Bioengineering A New Head Mounted Display Concept: Virtual Reality in a Pair of Sunglasses
Christopher Rowlands Bioengineering Analysing hyperspectral oncological images using cutting-edge data processing
Christopher Rowlands Bioengineering Building a next-generation scanning microscope
Christopher Rowlands Bioengineering Developing algorithms to sculpt light in 3D
Christopher Rowlands Bioengineering World's Fastest Video Camera
Simon Schultz Bioengineering Mapping amyloid plaques in whole brains using serial section two photon tomography
Barry Seemungal & Simon Schultz Brain Sciences & Bioengineering Assessing the effect of Dopamine on mutual information of Perceptuo-Motor Coupli‌‌‌‌ng in humans via transcranial magnetic stimulation‌‌
Barry Seemungal & Tim Constandinou Brain Sciences & Electrical & Electronic Engineering Use of electrophysiological and structural markers of inter-hemispheric connectivity to model the beneficial effect of noisy galvanic vestibular stimlation upon postural control‌‌
Reiko Tanaka Bioengineering Automatic quantification of fungal burdens in histology images using deep neural‌‌‌ networks‌‌
Reiko Tanaka Bioengineering Development of computational tools to predict the occurrence of eczema using machine learning methods‌
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