The six Imperial Essentials Compliance courses shown in the table below must be undertaken by all staff to ensure College compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. You will be expected to complete the Imperial Essentials training within the first six months of joining the College. However, it is highly advisable to complete all Imperial Essentials courses within your first week ofemployment to equip managers and staff at all levels with relevant and up-to-date College training and information about compliance.

Further information in relation to essential and mandatory training can be located on the Imperial Essentials Webpage. All Imperial Essentials training will need to be refreshed every two years.

Mandatory training is monitored by the Department throughout the probation period and as part of the PRDP process. 

Mandatory & Essential Training

1. Month One Safety Training

Online course designed to help you learn about the College's hazards and how they’re managed.

2. Fire safety Online course taking you through the general principles of Fire safety, using a combination of presentation slides, videos and activities Enroll
3. Data protection Online course for GDPR compliance and managing personal data. Enroll
4. Information security Online course on the importance of protecting information for everyone. Enroll
5. Safeguarding Online course providing an overview of the statutory frameworks and signpost how members of the College can identify and escalate concerns. Enroll
6. Equality and Diversity Online course for Equality, Diversity and inclusion training. Enroll


Further Mandatory & Essential Training

TimeframeCourse titlePurposeCourse typeAccess
1 Month Imperial Insights Welcome for all new staff welcomed to Imperial by senior staff and have the opportunity to meet new staff from across the College. Mandatory for all staff Enroll
1-6 Months Unconscious Bias Workshop providing a non-judgmental approach aimed at understanding how unconscious bias operates in the workplace.            Essential for all staff Enroll
1-6 Months Active Bystander Training aimed to empower staff and students across the College community to challenge poor behaviours and bring about cultural change. Essential for all staff Enroll
1-6 Months Harassment – confronting inappropriate behaviour Training on what constitutes harassment, bullying and victimisation. Identifying acceptable and unacceptable behaviours at work. Essential for all staff Enroll
1-6 Months Values and Behaviours Online module designed to encourage self-reflection about Imperial values and behaviours. Essential for all staff Enroll 
1-6 Months Introduction to Supervision Mandatory training for all staff who supervise PhD students. Mandatory for supervisors Enroll
6-18 Months Professional Review & Development All staff should participate with the PRDP process in line with local timescales. Mandatory for all staff and Line Managers Enroll
6-18 Months Recruitment and Selection What you need to know before you participate in recruiting and selecting staff. It is designed for non-HR people for whom recruitment is a minor, albeit critical, aspect of their role. Essential for all staff involved in staff recruitment and selection Enroll


The Department is committed to ensuring all staff and students are trained to the highest standard to enable them to work safely in their workplace. Staff and students must comply with the College's policies & procedures and are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others working alongside them. They must adopt safe working practices and make proper use of safety facilities and guidance provided. Please refer to the Local Rules available from your local Lab Managers to ensure compliance with area specific guidance.

Lab-based researchers will receive a local lab induction and must complete a Lab Work Overview and Training Risk Assessment Form. Staff with safety roles (e.g. Lab Managers) who have authority to grant access will not have ‘granting rights access’ until after completion of the above forms.

Staff based at an NHS Trust hospital campus are required to complete the Fire Training provided by the NHS Trust and any other relevant applicable trainings.

Please contact your local Trust safety coordinator(s) for further guidance on training arrangement.