‌‌There are a number of milestones that must be signed off in order for you to complete your MD(Res)/PhD. All forms should be completed, and signed by members of the Postgraduate Education Committee if required. Forms should be returned to Jennifer Simeon (j.simeon@imperial.ac.uk) for final signature by the Director of Postgraduate Studies.

Milestone forms:

 Early Stage Assessment (9 months)
The early stage assessment should be completed within 9 months of your start date. When the assessment is completed, the assessors and supervisors are required to complete the Early Stage Assessment form. 
Early Stage Assessment form

Late Stage Review (18-24 months)
The late stage review should be completed between 18-24 months for PhD students and at 18 months for MD(Res) students.  When the review is completed, the assessors and supervisors are required to complete the Late Stage Review form. 
Late Stage Review form

Writing up Status 
After completing your minimum registration period and the late stage review, it is possible to enter continuing research status. This is valid for up to 12 months at a cost of £200. This will allow you to retain access to the College facilities, however, all experimental work must be completed before entering this status.
Writing up period form

Examination Entry paperwork (44 months)
Examination entry paperwork is required at least 4 months before you intend to submit your thesis. The maximum for the submission of this paperwork is at 44 months.  This paperwork is completed and signed off by the department, then sent to Registry for final approval.  
Exam Entry form

Administration forms:

Form for raising Student Concerns (qualtrics)
Use this form to raise concerns you have about any aspect of your PGR degree.

6 month appraisal form‌ (word)
Appraisals should be completed every 6 months, in March and September of each year.

Confidential Report Form‌ (word)
A confidential report form can be completed for any issues you would prefer not to discuss with your supervisor.

ICB form‌ (pdf)
Any changes to your degree, e.g. addition of supervisors, interruption of studies etc. should be recorded on the following ICB form.

ICC form‌ (word)
ICC form is required if you wish to study on a part-time basis.