‌‌There are a number of milestones that must be signed off in order for you to complete your MD(Res)/PhD. All forms should be completed, and signed by members of the Postgraduate Education Committee if required. Forms should be returned to Jennifer Simeon (j.simeon@imperial.ac.uk) and Paige Marques (p.marques@imperial.ac.uk)  for final signature by the Director of Postgraduate Studies.

Milestone forms:

Early Stage Assessment (9 months MDRes & 12 months PhD)
The early stage assessment should be completed within 12 months for PhD Students and at 9 months for MD(Res) students. When the assessment is completed, the assessors and supervisors are required to complete the Early Stage Assessment form. 
Early Stage Assessment form (word)

Late Stage Review (18 months MDRes & 24 months PhD)
The late stage review should be completed within 24 months for PhD students and at 18 months for MD(Res) students.  When the review is completed, the assessors and supervisors are required to complete the Late Stage Review form. 
Late Stage Review form (word)

Progress Review
After completing the minimum registration period and the late stage review, it is possible to enter writing up. The maximum writing up period is 12 months and will terminate at the thesis submission deadline if this is earlier than the writing up allowance. This will allow you to retain access to the College facilities, however, all experimental work must be completed before entering this status.
Writing up period form‌‌‌

Examination Entry paperwork (44 months)
All candidates must enter for examination at least four months prior to thesis submission. To enter for examination, candidates should refer to the Examination Entry milestone visible in the Research Degree Milestones tile in My Imperial, where you will be asked to provide details relating to your research topic, thesis title and expected date of submission. Please see this link for further details, a video tutorial can be viewed here.‌‌‌‌‌

Administration forms:

Confidential Report Form‌ (word)
A confidential report form can be completed for any issues you would prefer not to discuss with your supervisor.‌‌

Study Leave Form (word)
If you plan to carry out research away from College for a period of 2 weeks or more as part of your PhD student registration, your department can approve study leave. Further information can be found here.

Thesis Deadline Extension Request (word)
This procedure is to enable candidates to seek an extension to the thesis submission deadline, in cases where circumstances beyond their control has affected progress towards their final submission deadline. More information can be found here.