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Collective Innovation Lab (CIL) [Website Under Construction]


In the Collective Innovation Lab (CIL), our focus is on fostering innovative solutions through collaborative endeavors.

Our mission is to cultivate a culture of collective innovation, where diverse voices converge, ideas flourish, and impactful solutions emerge, shaping a future that is sustainable, inclusive, and resilient in the face of pressing societal challenges.

Our research is dedicated to developing novel methodologies, interdisciplinary approaches, and creative strategies that empower diverse groups of stakeholders to participate actively in the innovation process. In an ever-changing world marked by challenges such as climate change, social inequities, and technological disruptions, our lab explores the intersection of creativity, technology, and human-centered design, and strives to equip future generations with the tools and knowledge necessary to collaborate with others and drive positive change. 

Through collaborative ideation, data-driven insights, and the integration of multidisciplinary and human-centred perspectives, our research aims to transform the way innovations are conceived, developed, and implemented.