Module Leader

Dr Billy Wu

Dr Chandramohan George

The Materials and Manufacturing module provides students with an understanding of material properties and the means to manufacture them into geometries. Underpinning material science in metals, polymers, ceramics and composites combined with the knowledge of how to apply them into different use cases will enable students to quantitatively assess material selection problems and abstract the knowledge onto more complex problems.               

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students will be better able to:

  •   Identify common engineering materials and apply them based on their properties
  •   Explain how materials contribute to user experience
  •   Select appropriate materials for an application based on their properties
  •   Define the capabilities of a range of common production techniques
  •   Select appropriate production techniques for use with different materials and applications
  •   Select appropriate methods of assembly and joining for a particular design application             


Description of Content

Properties of materials:
  Mechanical properties
  Materials experience

Categories of materials:

  Metals and alloys
  Altering material properties
  Ceramics and glasses
  Recycling, selection and design

Material failure:

Manufacturing techniques:
  Ceramics and glasses
  Rapid prototyping
  Metal forming
  Sheet metal
  Non-traditional machining

Joining techniques:
  Surface treatments
  Welding, soldering and adhesives