Module Leader

Dr Marco Aurisicchio

More than ever, designing for sustainability is fundamental to design engineering practice.  This module reinforces the foundations of knowledge and skills with methodologies and methods developed in year 1, and through analysis of a key challenge for sustainability, introduces specific principles and methods for sustainable design. Validated design engineering concepts for improving the envionmental impact of the analysed situation are developed and presented.               

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students will be better able to:

  •   Explain important sustainability issues in the design process
  •   Analyse a product and related system in the context of sustainability principles
  •   Select and apply appropriate methods to design for sustainability
  •   Develop a novel and sustainable solution in response to environmental analysis
  •   Prototype a concept of a sustainable system using models and videos
  •   Communicate sustainable design engineering concepts and detail designs using models, freehand sketches, CAD solid model, and prototypes               


Description of Content

Sustainable development:
  Sustainable development
  Linear and circular economies
Sustainable design:
  Sustainable product design
  Strategies and principles to reduce impact
  Service design process models
  Product-service systems
  Sustainable design standards
Sustainable materials and manufacturing:
  Case studies of sustainable materials applied to design
Design for X methods:
  Systems thinking
  Design for manufacture
  Design for assembly and disassembly
  Design for lifecycle
  Design for reuse, remanufacture, recycling
  Design for energy minimisation
  Life cycle assessment
Aesthetics and form:
  Aesthetic of sustainable products
  Aesthetic of imperfection