Module Leader


Students form teams to develop analysis and then original designs in response to significant design engineering futures challenges or opportunities taking account of a wide range of social, environmental, technological and economic factors. The project based work builds on earlier design engineering skills, understanding and team working, but adds the introduction to techniques for future analysis and innovation together with the requirement for high levels of prototype embodiment and validation through engagement with external stakeholders. As project deliverables, teams produce prototypes, project reports and exhibitions of their work.                    

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students will be better able to:

  •   Formulate analysis of future scenarios using a range of design engineering tools and methods
  •   Create a resolved response to complex future challenges by applyng a comprehensive set of design engineering tools and methods
  •   Plan and create lo-fi and hi-fi prototyping as a basis for exploring, testing and validating design engineering future concepts
  •   Validate design engineering concepts based on in-depth contextual evaluation
  •   Create design engineering project communication materials in a range of media
  •   Contribute effectively to team based design engineering projects             


Description of Content

Design process and mindsets:
  DE futures
  Design Psychology
Design Engineering methods:
  Futures Cone
  Stakeholder mapping
  Systems mapping
  Narrative and storytelling
Professional Practice tools:
  Literature review
  Expert review
  Public/expert engagement
  Group working
  Project management
  Physical prototyping
  Virtual prototyping
  Systems prototyping
  Digital product prototyping
Project Communication:
  Project videos
  Design reports