Module Leader

Dr Petar Kormushev

+44 (0)20 7594 9235

Professor Thrishantha Nanayakkara



  • This module continues the introduction to the field of robotics, building on what was learned in Robotics 1. The module emphasises practical aspects of robotics, allowing the students to apply the previously learned theory to practical robotic scenarios in simulation and on physical robots. The module includes many tutorial and lab sessions that enable hands-on experience and provide the students with opportunity to programme advanced high-degree-of-freedom robots.


    Learning Outcomes

    On completion of this module, students will be better able to:
  • Implement models of robot kinematics in software
  • Implement models of robot dynamics in software
  • Implement suitable controllers for specific robots and specific tasks
  • Implement and apply algorithms for motion planning to solve robotic tasks
  • Program robots using the Robot Operating System
  • Design, implement, and test a given robotic task
  • Enact good collaborative practices of documentation (incl. source code) and team communication

Description of Content

Applied Robot Kinematics & Dynamics
Applied Robot Control
Applied Robot Motion Planning
Robot Programming:
Linux introduction
Virtual Machines
ROS introduction
ROS messaging
ROS simulations
ROS control
Software implementation
Controller design and testing
Documentation and communication