Please see below for each of the projects accepting applications for 2024/25 entry. We have three scholarships available for the below projects, two for Overseas tuition fees, one for Home.

In order to apply, please submit your PhD application and list the project name in the funding section. 

The deadline for applications is Monday 08 January 2024.

Project TitleProject Supervisor(s)
Materials as a Service Dr Marco Aurisicchio

Design and Operations of Future Sustainable and Resilient Coupled Renewable Power & Hydrogen Infrastructure Systems under Uncertainty

Dr Michel-Alexandre Cardin

Design and Operations of Future Sustainable and Resilient Space Infrastructure Systems for Lunar and Mars Exploration

Dr Michel-Alexandre Cardin

Implementing Sustainability in Healthcare Systems

Dr Pelin Demirel
Functional Nano/Bio-Material Composites Dr Elena Dieckmann
Valorisation of Viticulture Waste for Textile Innovation  Dr Elena Dieckmann
Design of Light Weight and Energy Dense Li-air Batteries Dr Chandramohan George
Sunlight Rechargeable Hybrid Batteries Dr Chandramohan George
Novel Bipedal Locomotion Gait for Walking Robots Dr Petar Kormushev
Machine Learning for Advancing the Robot Intelligence Dr Petar Kormushev
Online Machine Learning for Robot Control Dr Petar Kormushev
Development of AI-driven Tools for Vehicle Structural Design accounting for Manufacturability Dr Nan Li
Development of a Smart Production System for Forming High-Performance Vehicle Components from Recycled Materials Dr Nan Li
Design for Sustainable Forming utilising Recycled Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites for Lightweight Structural Components Dr Nan Li
Reimagining Creative Human-Computer Interfaces with High-Performance Embedded Computing Prof. Andrew McPherson
Codesign x Inclusivity - A Framework and Toolkit for Codesigning Gender-Inclusive Health Innovation Dr Celine Mougenot
Developing an Open-Source 5-Axis 3D Printing Platform Dr Connor Myant
A Neuroscientific Approach to Creating a Personalised, Spatial and Immersive Audio Experience Dr Lorenzo Picinali 
Robotic Disassembly of Smart Devices with a Focus on Functional Components Dr Nicolas Rojas
Data Informed Sustainable Design Approaches Dr Leila Sheldrick
Tracking Embodied Human-Computer Interactions with E-Textiles Integrated into Loose-Fitting Garments Dr Rebecca Stewart 
Holistic Engineering Design of High-Safety and Rapidly Chargeable Quasi-Solid-State Batteries with Self-Monitoring Sensors Dr Yunlong Zhao