As a PhD student in the department, you will occasionally need to pay for items or equipment with money reserved as part of your studentship. If you are self-funding your PhD, or do not have any money reserved for consumables as part of your funding, the department has an annual allowance that you will be able to use.

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How to claim expenses

The College uses a spreadsheet form that you need to complete in order to claim expenses; this is known as E1 Expense Claim Form. You can download a copy of the form on the right. 

If you have consumables money provided with your funding, you should use the cost centre and activity code associated with this. If you're unsure what these are, contact the Senior Postgraduate Administrator to check. 

Please note, this form should only be used for purchases below £100. For purchases above this amount, you will need to request a virtual credit card in advance of making the payment. 

You will need to provide receipts for payments you are claiming expenses for, so make sure you have copies of these to submit. Once you have completed the expenses form, please submit the signed form with the receipts to Nicholas Moult

The College has a detailed page on expenses policy available here

Generating a virtual credit card to use for payment

If you wish to purchase item(s) over £100 that are not available to order on ICIS, then you will need to generate a virtual credit card (VCC) in order to make the payment. Please note, if an item is available on ICIS that is over £100, you must purchase from a registered supplier on there in order to adhere to the College's equipment safety requirements. This must still be done if an item is available for cheaper elsewhere. 

If an item is not available on ICIS through a College supplier, you can set up a VCC in advance of you making the payment, using a cost centre and activity code. Once set up, you receive an image of the card number and the 3-digit security number. This can then be entered as a payment method in the checkout, just as you would with a standard physical bank card. 

Please contact the Senior Postgraduate Administrator if you need to set up a VCC, providing the total amount, the company, the cost centre, and the activity code. 

Using Egencia to book travel and accommodation

If you wish to make travel and/or accomodation bookings for a conference, you will need to be set up to use Egencia as a self booker. 

Please contact to get set up, and list Monika Delczyk ( as the departmental appover. 

The College has a detailed FAQ on Egencia bookings available here

Am I eligible for consumables support from the Department?

If you do not have any funding available to you from your funder(s), the Department will be able to provide you with consumables support of £500 per year for conference attendance, equipment, supplies, etc. 

This money will be transferred to your primary supervisor's F cost code at the beginning of the academic year, and you will need to use this when processing payments (please see above on expenses). 

In addition to this £500, students based in wet labs will be able to apply for an additional £1,000 per year. This additional money is approved on a case-by-case basis, and students will be required to evidence a clear need for the funds. Please speak to your supervisor and the Senior Postgraduate Administrator if you would like to apply for this. 

Purchasing a Computer

The department is able to support you with a computer purchase at the beginning of your PhD, providing you do not have dedicated consumables support from your funding. The department will cover up to £600 for this purpose (the cost of a standard HP computer through the College's suppliers), and any excess on this amount will need to be covered from elsewhere. 

Please contact the Senior Postgraduate Administrator if you would like to purchase a computer this way. 

Note: Any computing equipment purchased via College finance codes will need to be returned to the College at the end of your PhD studentship. 




Funding Opportunities for PhD Travel

Please see this page for funding opportunities for travel.