As part of our commitment to science in society, members of the Imperial College Organic Geochemistry laboratories communicate their findings to the media. Some examples are provided below.


Life Detection on Space Missions – Mars methane studies support search for life

BBC News: Mars methane 'not from meteors'

Scientific American: Evidence builds for life on Mars

Daily Telegraph: Mars study boosts hopes of finding life

Irish Times: Presence of methane brings prospect of life on Mars a little closer

Mother Nature Network: Methane on Mars may point to alien life-forms

Science Daily: Life on Mars Theory Boosted by New Methane Study

World Science: Life on the Red Planet? Methane results boost hopes

Softpedia: 'Follow the Methane' and Find Martian Life

Science blog: Life on Mars theory boosted by new methane study

Io9: Is biological Life the Source of Martian Methane?

Examiner: Life on Mars possibility increased due to new methane study 

Planetary Atmospheres – Meteorites may have made the Earth habitable

BBC News: Space rocks turned tide for Earth

The Wall Street Journal: Creative destruction on a cosmic scale

Daily Telegraph: Meteorite bombardment may have made Earth more habitable, said study

CBC (Canadian Radio) Quirks & Quarks: Raining Meteorites

Discover Magazine (Top 100 stories of 2009): Did an Early Pummeling of Asteroids Lead to Life on Earth?

Skymania: Meteorite storms brought Earth alive

Science Daily: Meteoroid bombardment may have made Earth more habitable, says study

Smash hits: Meteor bombardment 4 bln yrs ago may have made Earth more habitable

Thaindian news: Meteor bombardment 4 bln yrs ago may have made Earth more habitable

Petroleum Studies – Mars mission work could help Earth's energy supply

The Mirror: Scientists could end fuel crisis by turning sand into petrol

The Sun: Get your car going 'on sand'

The Engineer: Mars Extracts Mars mission technology and tar sands extraction

Sciencedaily: Mars Mission Could Ease Earth's Energy Supply Crisis

Mass Extinctions – Fungi proliferated during greatest ever Mass Extinction

Daily Telegraph: Siberian volcano 'wiped out world's forests' 250m years ago

The Financial Times: Fungi loved demise of life

National Geographic: Volcanoes Wiped Out All Forests 250 Million Years Ago

Discovery Channel: Fungus Feasted Off World's Worst Extinction

Green Bang: Tiny fossils give evidence of massive, ancient forest die-off

Science Daily: New Ancient Fungus Finding Suggests World's Forests Were Wiped Out In Global Catastrophe

Science Now: The Fungus That Ate the World

E! Science News: New ancient fungus finding suggests world's forests were wiped out in global catastrophe

Daily India: Global mass extinction 250 million years ago triggered fungus explosion

Proteomonitor: Q&A: Fungus or Algae? Using Mass Spec to Try to Settle Permian-Triassic Extinction Debate

Top News: A global mass extinction 250 million years ago triggered fungus explosion

ABC: Fungus feasted on mass extinction

Astrobiology – Genetic building blocks in meteorites

BBC4: The Cell

Channel 4 News: Origin of Life

The Independent: Did life begin with a meteorite?

National Geographic: Meteorites Brought DNA "Ancestors" to Earth, Study Says

Bairro Alto RTP2 (Portuguese TV): Meteorites and Life's origin

Mexican TV: Extraterrestrial DNA

Discover Magazine (Top 100 stories of 2008): Meteorite Brought Genetic Building Blocks From Space

Scientific American: Were Meteorites the Origin of Life on Earth?

NYV News (Russian TV): Genetic material in alien rocks

MSNBC: Life's raw material can come from space

Astrobiology – Abundant amino acids in meteorites

The Telegraph: Alien life signs

The Inquirer: Earth's an egg that was fertilized from outer space

Channel4: Amino acids found in meteorites

Life Detection on Space Missions – Desert varnish may hold life clues on Mars

The Mirror: Varnish is the key to Life on Mars

New Scientist: Ancient Life may be set in stone New way to find life on Mars?

Forensic Science – New test for catching drug cheats

The Times: Deep-sea oil science gives sport a weapon agai nst doping

Sciencedaily: New Sensitive Steroid Test For Athletes Uses Oil Exploration Technique

Daily Times: Scientists hail new test against sport drug cheats

TVNZ: New test for sport drug cheats

The Medical News: New detection system to test athletes for performance-enhancing drugs

Mass Extinctions – Catastrophic soil erosion at the end of the Permian

BBC News: Poison gas 'caused' great dying

New Scientist: Mountain clue to Earth's biggest extinction

Chemistry World: Polysaccharides point to identity of Permian killer

Softpedia: Planetary Catastrophe 250M Years Ago Was Caused by Volcanic Gas

PhysOrg: Poisonous volcanic gas caused world's largest mass extinction, study

ABC: Mass Extinction