Women have traditionally been under-represented in engineering disciplines, but we are aiming to ensure all our staff and students are able to achieve their potential, and build an active community of women in EEE who can share their experiences, and encourage and inspire.

It's an important part of our mission to attract more women staff and students, to make improvements that will provide greater equality and diversity, and to ensure all our staff and students in EEE feel supported and empowered. 

Women make up around 12% of the engineering and technology workforce in the UK, which contributes to a skills shortage and a gender pay gap. There is a real need to promote engineering as an exciting, inclusive, and rewarding career, and to highlight the diverse opportunities that exist for women as engineering and technology professionals.

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INWED profilesWomen students and staff from EEE share their journey into engineering and their proudest achievements, along with some words of advice to girls and young women who are thinking about a career in STEM.


Professor Maria Petrou PhD Scholarship for Women Students

The Professor Maria Petrou PhD Scholarship has been established to help recruit, retain and advance the careers of women in engineering, providing funds for undertaking PhD studies in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London.

The scholarship honours the life and work of Professor Maria Petrou (1953-2012), who was the first woman Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. She received numerous honours, including a fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2004, and was a passionate advocate for women in engineering.