Role and reponsibilities

First year projects

First years work on the EEERover in groups led by Hakan Merdan.

Second years

The Second Year project was the balancing Rover. Ed Stott is updating the project for Summer 2024. More info to follow 

Third year MEng group project

The 3rd Year group project is undertaken by those students in the 3rd Year of the MEng who choose not to undertake an Industrial Placement. It runs for the entirety of the summer term (typically April – June).

 The purpose of the module is to provide students with the experience of design engineering in an industrially relevant context. They will develop solutions to problems by following the process: problem – specification – design solutions– build – refine – test – evaluate. In addition, students will gain valuable insights into the commercial and project management facets of product development.

 All projects are proposed by industry and are addressed by groups of 5 to 7 students. They are supervised by industry but the project is undertaken at Imperial. Each group will be allocated an industrial and an academic supervisor, who will provide guidance and assess the outcomes.


Students produce a leaflet and poster and present their projects at an open demo day in the department.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Develop an engineering specification from a given open-ended brief
  • Generate a number of viable solutions to the brief
  • Select the optimum solution through technical and critical analysis
  • Develop a prototype to demonstrate the principles of the proposed solution
  • Provide financial and commercial information to support their decision
  • Manage the project from a resource and workload point of view
  • Communicate in a way to suit the intended target audience (written and oral)

EEE & EIE Final Year & MSc Projects

Dr Tom Clarke's information regarding EEE & EIE Final Year & MSc Projects can be found here.

Specific instructions for MSc Projects for students are here

MSc Initial Research Project and marking instructions (PDF)

MSc Poster and Project marking instructions (PDF)‌ via department app. 

UG Conference Funding Policy (PDF)

MEng industrial placement

A member of academic staff is appointed to each placement student as academic supervisor for the duration of the placement.   The academic supervisor visits students on placement, and marks and provides feedback on their submitted reports.

You should have received an email with details of the student(s) you are supervising and the companies they are going to. Please arrange a meeting before the end of the Spring Term to exchange contact details, and agree a tentative date for the industrial visit.

Assessment to be confirmed. 

 All information which has been given students about the placements is to be found here on the student webpages

Placement visit

Your placement student(s) should have contacted you to arrange a meeting to discuss their progress. The meeting should take place during July or early August in order to provide further feedback on the student's Preliminary Report (if needed) and identify any problems that can be resolved before the end of the placement. 

The meeting will be with the student and his/her industrial supervisor and should follow the following proposed format:

  • 10 min with the student’s industrial supervisor
  • 10 min with the student
  • 10 min with the student and supervisor together

Following the meeting please complete the Tutor Visit Report form on your personal web page. (Log in and find your name).