The necessity for renewable energy is clear; however disparate sources of energy (e.g. wind in North Europe, solar in the South) cannot be solely relied upon for localised usage. It is envisaged that a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) electricity transmission grid will be implemented spanning Europe and North Africa, however there is little known about how such a grid should be constructed and operated, in particular with regards to fault management.

Research will be undertaken to analyse fault conditions on a HVDC grid, assess the roles of grid connected devices (e.g. DC circuit breakers and converters) with respect to fault behaviour, consider the impact of network topology, and improve simulation techniques (Improvement of models for system level analysis, hardware-in-the-loop simulation modes) as well as considering fault management mechanisms, in order to allow for the better understanding and eventual implementation of fault management on the HVDC grid.

The project is sponsored by EDF R&D UK centre. 


CAP People

  • Geraint Chaffey (
  • Tim Green (

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