im1 This project aims to propose an optimized configuration of a novel motor integrated powertrain with an optimal controller suitable for small powertrain based 2- wheeler automobile which can increase the system level efficiency without affecting drivability. This work will be the foundation for realizing the system in a production ready vehicle for TVS Motor Company in India. The targets of this project are to reduce the emission level by 20% with an increase of fuel efficiency of 30% with respect to existing gearless vehicle.

The project has the following objectives.

- Mathematical model development of existing powertrain configurations, verified with experimental results and model development of the modified powertrains for the 100cc vehicle class.

- Design of optimal controller for power flow optimization of the modified powertrains which can reduce the emission level with an increase of fuel efficiency compared to existing powertrains without sacrificing drivability of the vehicle.

- Optimum sizing of the powertrain components and optimal controller design for each powertrain configurations, leading to a comparison to select the most suitable powertrain configuration which can achieve the target emission reduction and fuel efficiency benefit.

CAP People

  • Himadri Bhushan Das
  • Dr. Simos Evangelou

TVS Motor Company, India

Dr. S Jabez Dhinagar, Vice President, Advanced Engineering Group