robThe Smarter Network Storage project aims at analysing technical and commercial innovation needed to facilitate cost effective integration of distributed storage in future low carbon electricity systems.

The project seeks to demonstrate multi-purpose application of 6MW/10MWh of energy storage at Leighton Buzzard primary substation and thus value alternative revenue streams for storage while deferring traditional distribution network reinforcement. The overall objective of the project is to provide industry with a greater understanding and a detailed assessment of the business case and full economics of energy storage, helping to accommodate increasing levels of intermittent low carbon generation while supporting efficient operation of the local distribution network.

The Smarter Network Storage project has undertaken research in:

  • assessing the conflicts and synergies that may exist when storage plant is used to manage distribution network congestion and provide services in energy and balancing markets, and
  • co-ordinating provision of multiple inter-dependent services, with the overall aim to select the most profitable portfolio of longer-term contracts for the storage plant installed in Leighton Buzzard.

CAP People

  • Roberto Moreira (
  • Rodrigo Moreno (
  • Goran Strbac