Increased penetration of distributed generations in distribution networks are altering the technical characteristics of the grid, pushing them to operate closer to their limits of safe and reliable operation. New renewable generators connecting to the distribution network will be constrained due to the presence of thermal constraints during times of low demand and high generation output. The traditional reinforcement planning by means of increasing the capacity of network assets can be very costly and usually ends up in overinvested network with low utilization rates of the assets. In recent years, some smart technologies have been introduced to be used to increase the utilization of network assets and provide the adequate capacity for DGs. These smart solutions can help the DNOs to provide cheaper and faster network connections for DGs. This research aims to demonstrate how, through the innovative integration of smart technological solutions including Dynamic Line Rating (DLR), Quad-Booster (QB), SVC and commercial solutions, the cost effective connection of renewable generation to a distribution network can be achieved.

CAP People

  • Sara Mohtashami
  • Dr. Danny Pudjianto
  • Prof. Goran Strbac