Seminars run by PhD students and postdocs with the Control and Power Group

Every week, an invited speaker gives a talk on a relevant topic (preferably in control and power) consisting of a 20-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute discussion. The content of talks can be

  • conference contributions,
  • initial research proposals,
  • preparation for Early Stage Assessment/Late Stage Review, or
  • tutorials on topics of the speaker's expertise.

After the talk, the participants can enjoy coffee and snacks (funded by the group) together in the Faraday Cage on EEE Level 6 and continue the discussion.

The CAP Research Roulette is open to everyone in the Control and Power Group. MSc students from Control Systems and Future Power Network Courses, who are willing to continue pursuing an academic career, are also strongly encouraged to participate.

Contacts: Jianli Gao (Control talks) [], Olayinka Ayo (Power talks) []

Talk of the week

Title: Lyapunov-based transient stabilization of lossy multi-machine power systems

Speaker: Jianli Gao

Venue: EENG 909B

Date and time: Wednesday, 09/11/2022, 13:10-13:50

Abstract: Transient stability analysis of power systems is a long-standing challenge because of several intrinsic complex characteristics, such as the nonlinear dynamics of the multiple synchronous generators, the network discontinuity caused by unexpected faults or switching operations, saturation effects due to limited feasible operating ranges, etc.

In this talk, I will present a recently proposed control solution to the problem of transient stabilization of lossy multi-machine power systems.

Biography: Jianli Gao received MSc degree in control systems from Imperial College London in 2019, where he is currently a PhD candidate with CAP group.