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  • Conference paper
    Giaffreda R, Barria JA, 2007,

    Service Delivery in Collaborative Contex-aware environments using Fuzzy Logic

    , Pages: 2045-2049
  • Journal article
    Gündüz D, Erkip E, 2007,

    Opportunistic cooperation by dynamic resource allocation

    , IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Vol: 6, Pages: 1446-1454, ISSN: 1536-1276

    We consider a Rayleigh fading wireless relay channel where communication is constrained by delay and average power limitations. Assuming partial channel state information at the transmitters and perfect channel state information at the receivers, we first study the delay-limited capacity of this system and show that, contrary to a single source-single destination case, a non-zero delay-limited capacity is achievable. We introduce opportunistic decode-and-forward (ODF) protocol which utilizes the relay depending on the channel state. Opportunistic cooperation significantly improves the delay-limited capacity of the system and performs very close to the cut-set bound. We also consider the system performance in terms of minimum outage probability. We show that ODF provides performance close to the cut-set bound from the outage probability perspective as well. Our results emphasize the importance of feedback for cooperative systems that have delay sensitive applications. © 2007 IEEE.

  • Conference paper
    Giaffreda R, Barria J A, 2007,

    Collaborative Context-Awareness and Reasoning for Optimised Service Delivery

    , Pages: 252-256
  • Conference paper
    Usaha W, Barria J A, 2007,

    QoS Routing in MANET with Imprecise Information Using Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning

    , Pages: 3382-3387
  • Journal article
    Zachariadis G, Barria JA, 2007,

    Income maximisation using prices and QoS for multi-class telecommunication system

    , IEEE Communications Letters, Vol: 11, Pages: 222-224, ISSN: 1089-7798
  • Journal article
    Kim T-K, Arandjelovic O, Cipolla R, 2007,

    Boosted Manifold Principal Angles for Image Set-Based Recognition

    , Pattern Recognition, Vol: 40, Pages: 2475-2484
  • Journal article
    Kim T-K, Kittler J, Cipolla R, 2007,

    Discriminative Learning and Recognition of Image Set Classes Using Canonical Correlations

    , IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI), Vol: 29
  • Conference paper
    Ng CTK, Gunduz D, Goldsmith AJ, Erkip Eet al., 2007,

    Minimum expected distortion in Gaussian layered broadcast coding with successive refinement

    , IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 2226-+
  • Book
    Barria J A, 2006,


    , Publisher: Imperial College Press, ISBN: 9781860946592
  • Journal article
    Alarcon-Aquino V, Barria JA, 2006,

    Multiresolution FIR Neural Network Based Learning Algorithm Applied to Network Traffic Prediction

    , IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Part C, Vol: 36, Pages: 208-220
  • Journal article
    Kim T-K, Kittler J, 2006,

    Design and Fusion of Pose Invariant Face Identification Experts

    , IEEE Transactions on Circuit and System for Video Technology, Vol: 16
  • Conference paper
    Gelenbe E, Wang Y, 2006,

    A mathematical approach for mission planning and rehearsal

    , Conference on Defense Transformation and Network-Centric Systems, Publisher: SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING, ISSN: 0277-786X
  • Book chapter
    Salles RM, Barria JA, 2006,

    Fair and efficient allocation of resources in the Internet

    , Communication networks and computer systems, Editors: Barria, London, Publisher: ICP, Pages: 25-42, ISBN: 9781860946592
  • Conference paper
    Barria JA, Lent R, 2006,

    MANET route discovery using residual lifetime estimation

    , New York, 1st international symposium on wireless pervasive computing, 16 - 18 January 2006, Phuket, THAILAND, Publisher: Ieee, Pages: 167-170
  • Conference paper
    Gelenbe E, Wang Y, 2006,

    Modelling large scale autonomous systems

    , The 9th International Conference on Information Fusion, 10-13 July 2006, Florence, Italy
  • Journal article
    Salles RM, Barria JA, 2005,

    Fair and efficient dynamic bandwidth allocation for multi-application networks

    , COMPUTER NETWORKS, Vol: 49, Pages: 856-877, ISSN: 1389-1286
  • Conference paper
    Chorianopoulos K, Barria J A, Regner T, Pitt J Vet al., 2005,

    Cross media digital rights management for online stores

    , AXMEDIS 2005, Pages: 257-260
  • Conference paper
    Aswakul C, Barria J A, 2005,

    Error Analysis of MultiService Single-link system using Linear approximation Model

    , Pages: 191-195
  • Journal article
    Kim T-K, Kittler J, 2005,

    Locally Linear Discriminant Analysis for Multi-modally Distributed Classes for Face Recognition with a Single Model Image

    , IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI), Vol: 27, Pages: 318-327
  • Journal article
    Kim T-K, Kim H, Hwang W, Kittler Jet al., 2005,

    Component-based LDA Face Description for Image Retrieval and MPEG-7 Standardisation

    , Image and Vision Computing, Vol: 23
  • Conference paper
    Barria JA, Regner T, 2005,

    Magnatune - variable pricing for music

    , 32nd Conference of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (EARIE), Porto, Portugal 2005
  • Conference paper
    Salles RM, Barria JA, 2005,

    Fair routing in multi-application environments

    , 8th international conference on telecommunications - ConTEL 2005, 15 - 17 June 2005, Zagreb, Croatia, Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 405-412
  • Journal article
    Mandic DP, Obradovic D, Kuh A, Adali T, Trutschel U, Golz M, De Wilde P, Barria J, Constantinides A, Chambers Jet al., 2005,

    Data fusion for modern engineering applications: an overview

    , Artificial Neural Networks: Formal Models and Their Applications - Icann 2005, Vol: 3697, Pages: 715-721, ISSN: 0302-9743
  • Conference paper
    Gelenbe E, Kaptan V, Wang Y, 2005,

    Simulation and modelling of adversarial games

    , Ghent, 6th international conference on intelligent games and simulation, 24 - 25 November 2005, Leicester, ENGLAND, Publisher: Eurosis, Pages: 40-44
  • Conference paper
    Gunduz D, 2004,

    Joint source-channel cooperation: Diversity versus spectral efficiency

    , Inter. Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT)
  • Journal article
    Salles RM, Barria JA, 2004,

    Proportional differentiated admission control

    , IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS, Vol: 8, Pages: 320-322, ISSN: 1089-7798
  • Journal article
    Kim T-K, Kim H, Hwang W, Kittler Jet al., 2004,

    Independent Component Analysis in a Local Facial Residue Space for Face Recognition

    , Pattern Recognition, Vol: 37
  • Conference paper
    Salles RM, Barria JA, 2004,

    Fair bandwidth allocation for the integration of adaptive and non-adaptive applications

    , 1st International Workshop on Service Assurance with Partial Intermittent Resources, Publisher: SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN, Pages: 1-12, ISSN: 0302-9743
  • Journal article
    Usaha W, Barria J, 2004,

    A reinforcement learning ticket-based probing path discovery scheme for MANETs

    , Ad Hoc Networks, Vol: 2, Pages: 319-334, ISSN: 1570-8705
  • Conference paper
    Harrison P, Thornley D, Zatschler H, 2003,

    Geometrically batched networks

    , Boca Raton, 17th international symposium on computer and information sciences, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, 2002, Publisher: Crc Press Inc, Pages: 108-112

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