Last updated 18 November 2020

PLEASE NOTE:  As examinations are currently be taken remotely, some information on these pages may be subject to change. Please always check your emails.

Year organisers have a drop-in session every week on Fridays on Teams for further Q&A.

Exams take place at the end of the Autumn (3rd yr, some 4th yr and some MSc students) and Summer Terms.

It is your responsibility to check the exam timetables. Please note that students taking Business and Humanities/Language exams will also receive separate information about these exams direct from the Business School and the Centre for Co-Curricular Studies.

MSc students only: MSc modules are also taken by undergraduate students, so the information on sitting the exams will apply to you, but the post-exams process is different. After the July's Board of Examiners' meeting, you will be given a provisional indication of your performance (pass or fail).  Your final results will not be available until after the MSc Examiners’ Meeting in late October. All grades and marks are provisional until confirmed by the MSc Board of Examiners. Your final MSc degree classification (Fail, Pass, Merit or Distinction) and your transcript will be made available to you from the Registry website soon after the Board of Examiners Meeting (usually by early-November). Registry will email you instructions for seeing your transcript once it is ready.