Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale (OGS, National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics) is a national Italian institute under the control of the Ministry of University and Research. Its mission is to promote, coordinate and perform studies and research on the Earth and its resources, more specifically, applied geophysical and environmental disciplines, marine sciences, seismicity, hydrodynamic and geodynamic phenomena. OGS has a long tradition in geophysical exploration, physical oceanography, marine biology and Earth observation. OGS works for the safeguarding and enhancement of the environmental and natural resources in order to evaluate and prevent geological, environmental and climatic risks, and dedicates particular emphasis to research on geothermal resources.

OGS coordinated and participated in more than 70 EU-funded research and demonstration projects in the fields of Energy, with applications to O&G and geothermal resources, Environment and Marine Sciences. The institute has built a solid network with national, international and European institutions and boast a long-term collaboration with the industry of the energy sector developing high-technology competence and skills to manage acquisition of onshore (surface and borehole) and offshore geophysical and oceanographic data, data processing and interpretation.

Among other geophysical research fields, research fields for OGS are geophysical applications by fibre optics and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) with particular expertise in dual wave-fields processing and separation, CCS and Geothermal (Member of EERA Joint Programme on Geothermal Energy), with particular expertise in borehole geophysics, seismic wave propagation in geothermal reservoirs, in function of temperature, pressure, physical parameters and rheological parameters, including rock melting, brittle-ductile transition (BDT) and supercritical fluid conditions.


Dr Flavio Poletto Laurea

Flavio Poletto is a Senior Geophysicist. They coordinate the Borehole Geophysics Group at OGS. Coordinator in OGS of the ENOS (H2020 on onshore CO2 storage in Europe) project; Coordinator in OGS of the GEMex (H2020 Geothermal in Mexico) project, Coordinator in OGS from early 90's of SWD projects (for many years in joint cooperation with O&G Industry Eni), Development of SEISBIT (R) technology, R&D in SWD, Geosteering; Downhole Tools R&D, Study of Borehole waves, Seismic interferometry, Geothermal, DAS. Synergistic Activities: Author of many scientific papers and of a Book on “Seismic While Drilling. Fundamentals of Drill-Bit Seismic for Exploration” (Elsevier). Received 4 internat. scientific paper awards. Development of PITOP OGS instrumented well test Site at Piana di Toppo (Italy); DAS wavefield acquisition and analysis, acquisition and processing of 3D VSP by DAS (ENOS); Study and modelling of borehole wavefields; Seismic interferometry, acquisition and signal analysis; Simulation and analysis of seismic wavefields in Geothermal rocks including temperature; Experimental research on ground-force, near-field far-field signal estimation and analysis of emission from radiating seismic sources.

Dr Biancamaria Farina

Dr Farina works in the seismic characterization of hot rocks, brittle-ductile transition (BDT) and rock behaviour in the presence of fluids. Her research is focused on the simulation of full-waveform seismic propagation in poro-viscoleastic rocks, including the effects of temperature, presence of geothermal fluid also in supercritical conditions and presence of melting. Her research includes seismic wave propagation in boreholes in the presence of mud, drill-string and heterogeneous formations, seismic wave propagation in complex media also in the presence of anelastic, anisotropic and porous media, simulation of seismic signals that propagates along drill pipes. She participates in the H2020 project GEMex on conventional geothermal energy systems, EGS technology, in the characterization of deep structures and full-waveform modelling of seismic propagation in the geothermal reservoir, and in the H2020 project ENOS on the onshore storage of CO2 in Europe.

Andrea Schleifer

Andrea Schleifer (Electric Engineer, Senior field Engineer) coordinator of the OGS Borehole and SWD Laboratory and technical supervisor of the PITOP instrumented test site. Coordinator of acquisition operations for borehole research and service applications. His multi-year expertise is in acquisition design, planning and in-field quality control in advanced and integrated borehole monitoring projects, including DAS and seismic while drilling (SWD) for O&G, CCS and Geothermal projects.

Dr Jose M. Carcione

Dr Carcione received the degree "Licenciado in Ciencias Físicas" from Buenos Aires University (1978), the degree "Dottore in Fisica" from Milan University (1984) and the Ph.D. in Geophysics from Tel-Aviv University (1987). He was awarded the Alexander von Humboldt scholarship for a position at the Geophysical Institute of Hamburg University, where he stayed from 1987 to 1989. From 1978 to 1980 he worked at the "Comisión Nacional de EnergíaAtómica" at Buenos Aires. From 1981 to 1987 he was a research geophysicist at YPF, the national oil company of Argentina. Received the 2007 EAGE Anstey and the 2017 EAGE Conrad Schlumberger awards. Author of many scientific papers and of a Book on “Wave field in Real media: wave propagation in anisotropic, anelastic, porous and electromagnetic media” (Elsevier, Third edition), presently, he is senior geophysicist at OGS. His research deals with numerical modeling, the theory of wave propagation in acoustic and electromagnetic media, and their application to geophysics, including CO2 storage, CCS, geothermal seismic wave propagation in hot rocks with analysis of rheology, temperature and melting.