Crucial to SUCCEED's work is the access to two existing industrial scale geothermal production sites and injection/monitoring wells. These will be used to pilot the technologies as they are developed, with the potential to upscaling to industrial size in an early commercial phase.

The project will inject CO2 into the reservoir either in supercritical state (at Kizildere in Turkey), or as dissolved gas in the re-injected geothermal fluid (at the Hellisheidi field in Iceland).

Site and reservoir characterisation studies

This aspect of the project will be taking advantage of the large amount of previous work already carried out during the CarbFix and CarbFix2 projects at Hellisheidi and will be led by Middle East Technical University.

Intially the team will to carry out baseline site characterisation work for CO2 Injection implementation at the Kizildere and Hellisheidi sites.

The Kizildere section will focus on characterising the field site and the reservoir, providing baseline monitoring information and constructing a static reservoir model for the partnership to use in the project.

At Hellisheidi, in contrast only a limited baseline site characterisation is needed. This will be used to the design and implement the work on monitoring of CO2 injection operations.

Technical, operational and infrastructure requirements

Led by Zorlu Energy Elektrik Uretim AS amd Orkuveita Reykjavíkur, the team will investigate and put in place all technical, operational and infrastructure requirements at the Kizildere geothermal field and carry out a safe and controlled CO2 injection into the geothermal reservoir.