Led by Imperial College London, SUCCEED will establish life-cycle assessment (LCA) models that reflect the engineering processes in order to assess the scalability of enhanced geothermal and CCUS systems considering environmental and resource constraints.

Project activities

The team will analyse the new optimal whole systems configurations the investigate the life cycle environmental impacts and lifetime resource requirements of the facilities.

The reseatch will use a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) developed by Imperial, which implements an auditable and clearly arranged, modular structure. The importance of CO2 injection technology in alleviating climate change impacts from geothermal energy use will be quantified in life cycle terms.

Besides the global warming potential (GWP), the assessment will be covering all baseline LCA impact categories (including acidification, eutrophication, photooxidant formation, human toxicity, ecotoxicity, resource depletion) enabling direct comparison with alternative fossil fuel based and renewable resources based power generation value chain.

The ultimate result from the work will be an assessment of the scalability of CO2 injection systems considering environmental and resource constraints.