Led by Imperial College London, the SUCCEED team will undertake a techno-economic assessment and optimisation of a field-wide/regional CO2 injection strategy.

They will identify strategies that optimise CO2 injection as well as potential CO2 storage performance and geothermal energy production in the field.

The studies will investigate different CO2 injection strategies, including injection-wells selection and injection rates, to evaluate their performance in terms of long-term pressure maintenance of the geothermal field while minimising production of injected CO2.

The work will also investigate the development and implementation of a regional-scale CO2 transport infrastructure for use in CO2 injection along the Büyük Menderes Graben and the regional CCUS potential in the area.

Project activities

In order to provide recharge and pressure support to the geothermal reservoir, waste brine injection wells need to be located close to the production zone yet not too close, so as to allow the injected fluid to become sufficiently heated on the way back to the production zone. With regards to the CO2 injected in the system, however, it is desirable to use it to drive the fluids production, while production of injected CO2 is to be minimised.

The main objective of this activity is the development of optimised field and regional scale fluids and CO2 injection strategies for long-term reservoir pressure maintenance and CO2 storage in the geothermal fields. The aim is to evaluate that at field scale for a single operation, but also consider the wider geothermal system implications and opportunities for development of new geothermal activities in the Büyük Menderes basin.

The team will focus on four main areas:

  1. Development of field and regional scale fluids and CO2 injection strategies
  2. Optimising well selection and injection rate for long term pressure maintenance, geothermal fluids production and minimisation of injected CO2 production
  3. Developing an economic model  and assessment of the economic performance of optimal strategies given market uncertainties and business development considerations
  4. Development of a regional scale concept and implementation plan for CO2 injection infrastructure development along the Büyük Menderes Graben and regional CO2 emission mitigation potential in the area