The responsibilities of a system administrators includes; updating individual's holiday with any purchased leave, maintaining groups in the system and updating and maintaining individual records.

For any changes or updates to system administrator names, please contact the availability management support inbox.

Tabs- Areas

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Centre for Environmental Policy

Anca Gourlay and Kasia Kmieckowiak

Faculty of Natural Sciences Centre

Hannah Cline

Department of Chemistry

Ingrid Kedissa

Department of Life Sciences

Pat Evans and Daniel Perrett

Department of Mathematics

Richard Jones and David Whittaker

Department of Physics

Luke White and Louise Hayward

The Grantham Institute for Climate Change

Laila Read and Gosia Gayer

Faculty of Medicine


Department of Brain Sciences

Nicola Thompson and Emma Watson

Institute of Clinical Sciences

Alessandra Lisini and Helen Figueira

Department of Infectious Disease

 Amy Rimmer and Leah Grey

Institute of Global Health Innovation

Steve McAteer

National Heart & Lung Institute

Ross Goold

Department of Immunology and Inflammation

Ed Wallace

School of Public Health

Ageing Research - Naia Headland-Vanni, Tindie Kalsi and Dinithi Perera
Imperial Clinical Trials Unit - Lauren Noto and Angela Knight
Primary Care and Public Health - Aneta Kowalczyk and Barbara Cerutti
Infectious Disease Epidemiology - Andrea Aiello and Zara Collard
Environmental Research Group - Valentina Lotti
School of Public Health Centre - Lucy Hykin
Epidemiology and Biostatistics - Ahlam Khamliche and Stoll Michael
George Institute of Global Health - Ahlam Khamliche and Stoll Michael

Department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction

Yasmin Abdi and Leah Grey

Department of Surgery & Cancer

Kathy Lewis, Karen Pontifex, Matthew Ryan and Tony Tarragona-Fil

Faculty of Medicine Centre

Joint Research Office - Harriett Hallas
Singapore Medical School - Dorrit Pollard-Davey & Cara O'Garro
Sift - Dorrit Pollard-Davey & Cara O'Garro
Learning Resources - Dorrit Pollard-Davey & Cara O'Garro Education Office - Dorrit Pollard-Davey & Cara O'Garro                   Clinical Academic Training Office - Sam Hobbs
Faculty Finance - Richard Viner
Faculty Centre - Angela Cooper and Sharron Stubbs
Faculty Operations - Roxy Syeda and Sharron Stubbs
Faculty of Medicine Centre & Faculty Centre - Roxy Syeda
Cumbria Medical School - Chris Harris

Faculty of Engineering


Lisa Kelly, Nigel MacCarthy and Sian Haynes

  • AEAC -Aeronautics Admin Composite - Lisa Kelly


Sam McKenney and Yusra Vallimohamed

Chemical Engineering

Anusha Sri-Pathmanathan and Sneha Saunders

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Lucy Chivers, Lindsey Anne Cumming and Alexandra Williams

  • Fluid Mechanics Sections - Rebecca Naessens


 Anne O'Neill

Dyson School of Design and Engineering

Natalia Goehring and Monika Delczyk

Earth Science and Engineering

 Cindy Valuto, Carolyn Newell and Katie Rycraft

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Anna McCormick and Alice Ashley-Smith

Faculty of Engineering

Clare Pearson 

  • Data Science Institute - Kai Sun and Amandeep Bahia
  • Energy Futures Lab - Victoria Ebo
  • Hamlyn Centre - Marianne Knight
  • Institute of Molecular Science and Engineering - Steph Pendlebury

Institute for Security Science

Jane Lac and Eva Konstantara


Darakshan Khan

Mechanical Engineering

Simon Bailey, Helen Stoneham and Amelia Redman

Business School

Business School

Erin Mooney and Kim Foxwell

Support Services (Group 1)

Campus Services

Shanaz Khan, Agnieszka Scibor, Mickie Turner-Goble, Ryan Wilson, Joanna Plested and Maria Arenas Carmona

Catering Services

Shanaz Khan, Agnieszka Scibor, Mickie Turner-Goble, Ryan Wilson, Joanna Plested and Maria Arenas Carmona

Commercial and Investment Activities Office

Sonja Hauptman

Commercial Operations

Zara Davidian and Matthew Williams

Early Years Education Centre

Tracey Halsey, Liz-Anne des Vignes, Maria Arenas Carmona, Aga Scibor, Shanaz Khan, Joanna Plested and Mickie Turner-Goble


  • Building Operations - Rodney Coppard
  • Projects Delivery - Michaela Thomas
  • Engineering, Energy and Environment - Lisa Holland
  • Facilities Headquarters - Anne Marie Clarke
  • Fire Services
  • Maintenance - Maria White
  • Soft Services - Peter Bodi, Ian Davison and Nic Dent


  • Accounts Payable - Doru Procopiu 
  • Accounts Receivable - Nick Rogers
  • Finance Transformation and Systems - Rob Leech
  • Financial Services and Procurement - Andy Hitchman
  • Payroll Team - Dom Burchnall
  • Student Finance Operations - Nick Rogers
  • Tax Department - Jane Thompson-Ambrose

Financial Management

Jane Thompson-Ambrose and Chid Ofoego


Imogen Gallan, Syuai Ehlers, Okan Kibaroglu and Karen Vincent

Investment Property Office

Sonja Hauptman 

Security Services

Mickie Turner-Goble, Alan Castleman, Joanna Plested and Maria Arenas Carmona

Sport and Leisure

Shanaz Khan, Agnieszka Scibor, Mickie Turner-Goble, Ryan Wilson, Joanna Plested and Maria Arenas Carmona

Student Hub and Residential Services

Shanaz Khan, Agnieszka Scibor, Mickie Turner-Goble, Ryan Wilson, Joanna Plested and Maria Arenas Carmona



Support Services (Group 2)

Academic Partnerships

Talat Gokdemir

Academic Services

  • Academic Services - Anushka Patel
  • Academic Services Office - Anushka Patel
  • Digital Media Lab - Robyn Lowe and Sarah Wong
  • Interdisciplinary EdTech Lab (IETL) - Lucy Totman and Deepa Sebastian-Pickett
  • Centre for Academic English - Conchi Vera-Valderrama
  • Continuing Professional Development - Ulrika Wernmark and Betty Yue
  • Imperial College Union - Ashley Cory and Shamyla Ghazi 
  • Strategic Programme & Change - Zoe Cheung
  • Student Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions - Sabrina Cleary
  • Market Insight and Data - Sabrina Cleary


  • Development - Sharon Walker
  • Global Development – Sharon Walker
  • Presidential and Institutional Events – Sharon Walker 
  • Principal Gifts – Sharon Walker
  • Prospect Development – Sharon Walker
  • Regular Giving – Sharon Walker 
  • Vice President (Advancement) Office - Sharon Walker and Heather Campbell 
  • Advance Operations - Sharon Walker and Holly Cosford 
  • Alumni Relations - Sharon Walker and Holly Cosford 

Central Secretariat

Barbara Bonney and Joanna Soja-Popieluszko

College Headquarters 

Joanna Ivison 

Communications Division

Tracy Bevan and Gemma Sutcliffe

Education Office

Anushka Patel

  • Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship - Ruth Stannard
  • Continuing Professional Development - Ulrika Wernmark-Kent and Betty Yue
  • Blyth Centre - Nazma Mojid


  • Enterprise Operations, Enterprise Marketing and Communications - Alison Dexter
  • Consultancy and Services - Lurline McLeod 
  • Entrepreneurship - Nikki Elliott
  • Enterprise Operations, Enterprise Marketing and Communications, Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation - Ivona Ryan
  • Startup Formations and Investments - Dina Daley and Iwona Przychodzen

Graduate School

Bethan Ritchie

Health and Safety Services

Darren Hickey

Human Resources

  • HR - Nayrin Noori and Mary Jones                                     
  • Occupational Health - Kobir Ahmed

IC Student Union

Ashley Cory and Shamyla Ghazi 

International Relations Office

Talat Gokdemir

Library Services

Ruth Newton, Nova Larch and Nasim Jensen

Office of the Provost

Nazma Mojid

  • Central Biomedical Services - Victoria Folkes

Office of the President

George Ellis and Kathryn Charlesworth


James Tilley and Paul Lockwood


Sue Otterwell

Research Office

Debbie Crich

Risk Management

Barbara Bonney

Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication

Melanie Mullin and Claire Stapley

Strategic Planning Division

Kristine Fox 

Student Services

  • Student Counselling and Mental Health Advice Service - Desmond Bates 
  • Student Services - Jess Key
  • Disability Advisory Service - John Aouad
  • Careers Service - Robert Carpenter and Richard Marshall
  • Health Centre

Vice-Provost’s Education Office

Gemma Sutcliffe and Anushka Patel