Strategic Manager, Office of Financial Strategy

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I was on the Graduate Management Training Scheme between 2008 and 2011, undertaking placements in the Education Office, the International Office, Campus Services, Finance, the Faculty of Medicine and the Department of Materials. It was a fantastic opportunity to experience the diverse range of activities undertaken by the College across both academic and support service departments. The chance to build an in-depth knowledge of the College’s many functions has been incredibly useful in my subsequent career.
Projects I worked on whilst I was a trainee included:

  • Organising the College’s Start of Session event, where Imperial welcomes thousands of new students onto our campuses
  • Working on a number of restructuring exercises
  • Coordinating a review of the College’s wardening services in halls of residence
  • Delivering a series of tailored presentations to departments across the College on the results of the International Student Barometer
  • Working with the Materials Department Manager to prepare for the annual budgeting and planning round

Since leaving the scheme I have headed a number of new commercial ventures developed by the Office of Financial Strategy. The objective of the Office is to support the development of new sources of income to Imperial, outside the core areas of research, education and translation. I initially managed the development of the GradPad postgraduate accommodation business; this included the outsourcing of the marketing and letting of the portfolio, tendering the facilities management contracts for the portfolio, coordinating the contractual agreements for the first buildings to be delivered at Imperial West and purchasing and refurbishing a new building at Imperial Wharf.

Once the GradPad business was up and running I moved into my current role within the team, which is heading the Endowment’s non-core property portfolio. The College Endowment has a key role in the College's long term strategy to secure financial stability and independence by maximising the return from investment assets and providing a regular source of unfettered income to support the College's objectives. The property portfolio includes a diverse number of assets across the south east (both operational buildings and sites with potential for development) and my role is to ensure the returns generated by the portfolio are maximised.

I would definitely encourage anyone interested in higher education or, more generally, the operations of a highly complex public organisation, to apply to the Graduate Management Training Scheme. It is a unique opportunity to work on a variety of interesting projects and receive mentoring and exposure to senior members of staff, who are genuinely interested in your development. The College is a really friendly and welcoming place to work, and located in a beautiful part of the capital!